Product & General Info

How can I be sure that all My Name Necklace jewelry are in a safe and healthy environment?

The health and safety of our customers and employees is paramount to everything we do. As such, all of our offices and factories are being cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.

All of our employees have been sanitized prior to any contact with the jewelry. Each jewelry is carefully cleaned, disinfected, and polished before it is packed and shipped.

We are closely monitoring this developing situation and making adjustments as necessary to ensure a sterile and safe work environment.

How to take care of MyNameNecklace jewelry?

Check out this article to keep your jewelry shining daily.

What are MyNameNecklace shipping options?

We provide a convenient range of secure local and international shipping options. To upgrade your shipping method, please contact our Customer Care Team.

Our most popular shipping methods in USA include:

  • Standard- FREE
  • Express - Super fast shipping

Please note that time frames are stated in business days and do not include weekends.

For more information about local and international shipping as well as relevant shipping times during peak seasons, please click here.

How do I place a special request for my necklace

While we have a wide range of Jewelry styles, you may want to add a personal touch that you can't find in our collection. For special design requests, please contact our Customer Care Team.

Our Jewelry design experts will review your request and let you know if we can make your personalized creation.

Please attach a link to the item you are referring to, or the product ID number, which can be found on the item page here:


Please note that during busy seasons we cannot accommodate special requests.

Where will the engravings be placed on the 3D Bar Necklace?

The placing of the engraving depends on how many inscriptions you would like on your 3D Bar Necklace.
1 Inscription - Front engraving
2 Inscriptions - Right and front engraving
3 Inscriptions - Right, front & left engraving
4 Inscriptions - Right, front, left and back engraving

The right and left placing is the position when it is not on you.


Is it possible to change the order of the engravings for the 3D Bar Necklace?

Yes! All you need to do is leave a clear comment in your shopping cart during checkout.
The comment should say" Inscription on front: Alexa, Inscription on back: Harry"

The right and left placing is the position when the 3D Bar Necklace is not on you.

How can I preview My Name Necklace?

Wondering what your name necklace will look like and can't wait for your order to arrive? Our handy preview tool gives you a pretty good idea of how your name necklace will look after it’s produced! To preview click here.

It is possible to preview 3 styles of our necklaces: Classic, Carrie and Monogram (up to 3 letters). 

Can I have 4 rings on the Russian Ring Necklace?

Currently this item is available with two, three, four or five rings. Please pay attention to the limit of characters, according to the item you choose. The limit can be 20 or 22 characters, including spaces and punctuation.

You can check the item page for more details:

How to arrange your Russian Ring Necklace

Here are a few quick steps:

  • See which ring is facing backwards
  • Remove the chain
  • Flip over the ring that is backwards
  • Put the chain back through all the rings
  • Now you're ready to enjoy your new Russian Ring Necklace.

    Warranty Conditions

    At My Name Necklace, our jewelry is made of high-quality materials and stones.

    Standard Warranty-

    All gold and diamond pieces include a 1 year warranty and all silver, gold plated, and rose gold plated items include a 6 month warranty.

    Paid premium warranty-

    For all items, Sterling Silver, Gold Plated, Rose Gold Plated, Vermeil, Diamont and Gold products, 2 years warranty is guaranteed.

    Any damage that may occur during these respective periods will be covered, including damaged pendant or chain, stone repair, and tarnished jewelry.

    In such cases, please send a clear image of the damaged item to our Customer Care Team and we’ll gladly replace it. Please note the warranty does not cover lost or stolen cases.

    All items must be returned before new items can be reproduced.

    Check out our warranty for silver, gold plated and vermeil warranty.

    Check out our warranty for silver, gold and diamond warranty.

    The warranty for watches lasts for twenty-four months. Our watches are designed according to high-quality standards. Your watch is covered by our limited warranty that Is valid for twenty-four months from the date of purchase/ the warranty covers any malfunction occurring from defective parts or workmanship. If your watch-part at no additional expense, once the product is returned.

    This warranty doesnt cover:

      Damage, accidental, etc. that was not caused by a defect of material or workmanship.
    • Moisture damage to a product is not marked as "water-resistant" on the back of the dial.
    • Damage is caused by a failure to test and reseal the watch after battery change.
    • Battery lifetime.

    Family expanding?

    At My Name Necklace, we want you to be able to capture life’s most cherished moments. Our family pack allows you to add pendants, charms and engraving to your existing jewelry, and preserve new memories for you and your loved ones.

    Two types of family packs are available:

    The Standard Family Pack; for all silver, gold plated, and rose gold plated items. This option allows you to add inscriptions or pendants, twice over the period of two years.

    The Premium Family Pack; for all gold & diamond jewelry. This option allows you to add two inscriptions, OR two charms over the period of two years, and also comes with a two year warranty.

    How to determine the right chain length?

    Long story short: The chain you select will determine where on your body your name necklace hangs, so be sure to consider the length that is right for you. Our chains run from 35 cm to 89 cm, which means your necklace can hang anywhere from high up on your collarbone to way down on your lower chest.



    Once you've decided where you would like the necklace to hang:

    • Take a long piece of string and loop it around your neck.
    • Close the string at the point on your chest where you want the necklace to hang.
    • Open the string and measure it—how many inches is it? This is the length you should select for your new necklace.

    Please keep in mind that the chain lengths shown on our website do not include the length of the pendant. Most of our pendants run between 2-5 cm, so for example, if you order a name necklace with a 40 cm chain, the total length of the name necklace would be 42 cm - 45 cm, depending on the name and style.

    How do I determine my bracelet size?

    To measure your wrist size, you can follow either of the two simple methods in the images below. Both measurement options will provide you with an accurate measurement.



    Measure your wrist size with a flexible tape measure just below the wrist bone, where you would normally wear your bracelet.


    Wrap a thin strip of paper around your wrist just below the wrist bone. Mark where the paper overlaps on your wrist and measure the strip of paper up until the mark.

    How to determine my ring size?

    You can use our Ring Size Guide:

    Size Inside circumference (mm) Inside circumference (in)
    3 14.07 0.55
    3.5 14.48 0.57
    4 14.88 0.586
    4.5 15.29 0.602
    5 15.7 0.618
    5.5 16.1 0.634
    6 16.51 0.65
    6.5 16.92 0.666
    7 17.32 0.682
    7.5 17.73 0.698
    8 18.14 0.714
    8.5 18.54 0.73
    9 18.95 0.746
    9.5 19.35 0.762
    10 19.76 0.778
    10.5 20.17 0.794
    11 20.57 0.81
    11.5 20.98 0.826
    12 21.39 0.842
    12.5 21.79 0.858
    13 22.2 0.874
    13.5 22.61 0.89
    14 23.01 0.906


    Click here to check how to measure your ring size.

    What is the difference between the Personalized Classic Name Necklace and the Carrie Name Necklace?

    The difference between the two styles is the last letter inscription. In the Carrie Name Necklace, there is a curl in the last letter, adding an extra twist to the connection from the pendant to the chain. Whereas in the Classic Name Necklace, the last letter is regular like the other lower case letters, keeping the classic style along the pendant.

    You can click here to preview your name in both necklaces, and then decide which one is the perfect match for you.

    Both Carrie Name Necklace and Classic Name Necklace offer a classic script font and are available in two pendant sizes – small or regular.

    Size/Necklace Classic Name Necklace Carrie Name Necklace
    Small 4.5 - 8.5 mm* (0.18"-0.35") 5 - 8 mm* (0.2" - 0.3")
    Regular 6 - 11 mm* (0.2" - 0.4") 6 - 10 mm* (0.24" - 0.4")

    *The largest measurement is the size of the capital letter.

    Small Classic X Regular Classic

    Small Carrie X Regular Carrie

    What size is the pendant or name plate?

    Product information such as material type, thickness, and measurements, can be found on each individual product page under the "Information" tab. Pendant length varies according to the inscription. Average name plate size ranges from 2 cm-5 cm, or 2 cm-4 cm, for smaller name necklaces.

    If you can’t find the information you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Care Team.

    What kind of chain comes with my necklace or bracelet?

    The chain type that comes with your necklace, and the chain lengths that are available, are indicated in the information table which you can find on each individual product page. Here is a list of the different chains we offer:



    Sterling Silver 0.925, 18k Yellow Gold Plated Silver and 18k Rose Gold Plated Silver
    Box Chain, Rollo Chain, Bead Chain and Figaro Chain

    14k Yellow Gold
    Twist Chain, Box Chain and Rollo Chain

    14k White Gold
    Box Chain

    10k Yellow Gold
    Bead Chain and Twist Chain

    9k Yellow Gold
    Box Chain

    Acrylic items
    Sterling Silver Plated Metal Rollo Chain and 18k Yellow Gold Plated Metal Rollo Chain

    We also offer some of our items with a Colored Satin Cord.



    The Rollo Chain is available in Sterling Silver 0.925, 18k Yellow Gold Plated Silver, and 18k Rose Gold Plated Silver.

    We have a variety of items with a Colored Satin Cord, Colored Leather Cord, Leather Strap Wrap, and Colored Suede Leather Cord Wrap.

    You can view our Chain Collection for more information about each chain.

    Is your jewelry made of real precious metals?

    Yes, all our precious metals are purchased from government certified vendors and are marked for authenticity. When you receive your personalized Jewelry you’ll see that it has a stamp of authenticity on it.

    All our silver Jewelry is made of 0.925 sterling silver, and all our gold Jewelry is made of solid gold, with a purity level that is indicated on the item (9k, 10k, 14k or 18k).

    You can find all item-related information on each individual product page under the "Information" tab.

    Is your jewelry nickel free?

    All our products are 100% nickel-free, except for items made of white gold.

    When should I order double thickness items?

    When ordering a name plate necklace, such as the Sterling Silver "Carrie" Style Name Necklace, your inscription should include no more than 10 characters, as otherwise it may weaken the pendant, causing it to bend or break. If you’d like an inscription that is longer than 10 characters or that contains special characters, we always recommend ordering a double thickness pendant, such as the Silver Name Necklace - Extra Thick with Rollo Chain.

    Double thickness pendants are more stable and durable and can be reliably made with up to 13 characters. You can select double thickness material for shorter names as well.

    If you’d like a name necklace with double thickness but can’t find it in our catalog, please contact our  Customer Care Team to see if we can accommodate your special request.

    Where do you set a birthstone on the name necklace?

    If you purchase an item with birthstones or diamonds, we typically place them as follows:

    • For names that include the letter "i" we set the stone on the dot of the "i".
    • For names that do not include the letter "i" we set the stone on the first letter of the name, unless specified otherwise.

    If you’d like to set the stone on a different character, please clearly indicate which letter you prefer in the comment box in your shopping cart. Once you leave a comment with a special request, we’ll make the changes if possible—there’s no need to contact us to confirm the request. If your request isn’t possible, we’ll contact you.

    How can I order names with 2 capitals, or double-barreled names?

    Double-barreled names or words usually have more than eight characters. We recommend ordering double-barreled names or words in double thickness to ensure durability. Please visit our double thickness material collection here.

    You can view how many capital letters are possible under the "Instructions" tab on the product page. For names that include two capital letters, we again recommend ordering a double thickness necklace. If you leave a comment in your Shopping Cart requesting two capital letters with your order, our team will see it and make the item according to your request.

    A better alternative is to order our Two Capital Letters Carrie Name Necklace

    Can I order my necklace in other languages?

    Check out our World Collection to see a wide variety of Jewelry in additional languages other than English.

    If there is an item on our site that you’d like, but it doesn’t appear in our World Collection, please contact our Customer Care Team to see if this special request is possible.

    How can I order a necklace with special characters?

    We can add most characters to our Jewelry as long as they appear on the English keyboard.

    All you need to do is place your order with the special character included.

    Regarding emojis—although we know they’re popular—unfortunately, we cannot engrave them.


    Please note that during busy seasons we cannot accommodate special requests.

    Do you offer gift boxes and gift notes?

    Yes, you can add a gift box and a personal gift message to every order!

    • You can add it while you're in your shopping cart or you can go directly to the product page of the gift box and add it to your cart.
    • Your message will be printed on a card and placed in an envelope that will be included with your package
    • Your note will be printed in stylish script font, exactly as it is received, including capitalization, punctuation, numbers, spaces and spelling.
    • Please make sure to go over the message to make sure everything is correct.
    • As long as the order is not packed yet, we are able to make changes to the messages.


    We know this is a gift, so don't worry, we won't include the item prices in the packing slip.


    May I purchase from websites that look like MyNameNecklace?

    We are aware that there are existing websites that copy our products and images. Some even reproduce MyNameNecklace’s trademark and therefore are misleading for our customers. We are informed about most of these infringing websites and are in the process of shutting them down, as it is our priority to protect our customers and the official MyNameNecklace brand. To make sure that you are purchasing from the official MyNameNecklace, only buy products from our official website:

    If you are not shopping on one of the websites above, then it is not us. If you have difficulty defining if you are shopping on our website or see a website that is copying and selling our items, please contact our Customer Care team.

    * All prices are listed in USD
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