The Meaning Behind the December Birthstone

The Meaning Behind the December Birthstone
The cool blue topaz is a stunning addition to the icy winter weather of December. The birthstone of December and gemstone for Sagittarius, discover the meaning and history behind this captivating stone, and beautiful jewelry from MyNameNecklace to match!


Pure topaz is colorless and allochromatic, meaning it has a range of color possibilities it has been found as a pale green, blue, and yellow. The paler the topaz is, the more expensive it will be. December’s blue shade is one of the rarest occurring in nature. Most people recognize the precious blue topaz for its alluring aqua-turquoise shade. The three main shades of this range are known as London Blue, Sky, and Swiss. The alternative to the blue topaz is the turquoise. Today, its primary source is Brazil, although it is also found in Sri Lanka, Mexico, Australia, and parts of Mexico.


The color of cool and quiet, the sparkling stone evokes images of the wind, sky, and water, and helps individuals channel relaxing energies. This icy blue stone’s soothing appearance and effect is a gorgeous way to celebrate one’s birth month. The Infinity Name Necklace with Birthstones as well as the Stackable Birthstone Name Ring are two pieces that may be customized with the blue topaz allowing one to flaunt the gorgeous stone in this winter wonderland we call December.


Named from the Greek topazios, a small Island in the Red Sea, the blue topaz is a symbol of love and fidelity and is believed to sharpen an individual’s vision, assist with insomnia, increase one’s strength, and make wearers invisible. Ancient Egyptians used the topaz as a protective amulet to decorate armor, as well it was popular amongst European kings and queens in the Middle Ages, because of its rarity and high price. Medieval societies prized the topaz because they believed it could heal mental and physical disorders. Nowadays, those interested in modern mysticism believe they can use its powers to encourage creative energy and protect against negative energy.


Associated with love and loyalty, the blue topaz represents eternal romance as well as friendship. Gifts of blue topaz jewelry can signal appreciation of a loving and loyal friendship or relationship with another. Because of its association with love, the blue topaz is the perfect gift to give to mom. The Custom Birthstone Drop Necklace for Mom as well as the Mother’s Disc and Birthstone Necklace are two pieces that can display to her your love, affection, and admiration for all that she does. Give her a gift with meaning in which she can carry the names of her loved ones as well as their birthstones.

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