Making Memories: The Coordinates Jewelry Collection

Making Memories: The Coordinates Jewelry Collection
Today’s little moments become tomorrow’s precious memories. The new coordinate collection at My Name Necklace allows one to let adventure fill their soul, value memorable moments, remind us to pursue our dreams, and illustrate their own personal story. Explore through the collection to curate your story through jewelry pieces that become memories for a lifetime!

Life is a Collection of Moments

The Engraved Coordinates Bracelet in Silver is a piece that one will treasure for years to come. Engravable for personal joyful moments, this piece is meant to celebrate life’s happiest moments., making an extraordinary gift. Looking for ideas what to customize? Surprise your partner and fill a place in their heart with the coordinates of the hospital of your newborn child representing wonder, hope, and a dream of possibilities. Or thank your bridesmaids for being by your side and all their thoughtful planning by customizing with the coordinates of your wedding venue or your unforgettable bachelorette party.

Memorialize the Destination

Memories: let them fill your mind, warm your heart, and lead you through. The Vertical Bar Necklace with Coordinates is just the right gift to give to that special someone expressing a remarkable memory between the two of you. Engrave the coordinates of the spot that you very first met each other or the spot where you shared your engagement proposal. The Engraved Coordinates Bar Necklace is the perfect piece to gift to someone or for a unique reminder to yourself of a memorable experience. Customize the necklace with the coordinates of the location where you had your most memorable vacation.

Adventure Awaits

Life is meant for spectacular adventures- let your feet wander, your eyes marvel, and your soul ignite. The GPS Coordinates Dog Tag is a unique way to show your nearest and dearest that they are your home and adventure all at once. Gift your partner with this necklace with the coordinates of a vacation destination that is on both of your bucket lists or of your most memorable vacation. This necklace represents and expresses that making memories with them is your favorite thing to do. So, manifest your brightest possibilities and let your feet take you where your heart wants to go.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go

The Coordinates Bangle Bracelet makes a gift for any occasion. It can be used as a graduation gift when its one's time to leave to college. Personalize this bracelet with the coordinates of their childhood home displaying to them that they are never far from home, by reminding them that they will always have a home to return to, even when times may get difficult that they live away from family and friends. Or customize the bracelet for your best friend with the coordinates of your favorite hang out place, fantastic to gift for your best friend’s birthday!

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