What’s Your Sign? A Constellation Necklace for Every Zodiac Symbol

A Constellation Necklace for Every Zodiac Symbol
At My Name Necklace, we’re famous for creating customized keepsakes to celebrate all things life and love. This time, we’re offering something different: incredible zodiac jewelry that speaks volumes, but without saying a word. Choosing jewelry is always so very personal, especially when it’s something that holds meaning.

What Does Your Zodiac Sign Necklace Mean?

Every one of us is born with the sun in alignment to a specific Zodiac sign that provides some interesting insight into your strengths as well as characteristics that make up your innermost being and help define your personal approach to life. In turn, each Zodiac sign is represented by a constellation – and that’s part of what makes each symbol unique. In our newest collection, the stars that make up your zodiac symbol are represented by diamonds, adding a beautiful sparkle and emphasizing the intrigue associated with your sign. Each type of sign has something different to say. Let’s take a closer look.

Fire Signs

There are three fire signs in the Zodiac: These are energetic Aries, who is always ready to take on and conquer challenges; generous and expressive Leo, who tends to be highly creative; and Sagittarius, who seems always to be growing and expanding as life progresses. These zodiac signs are best known for their enthusiasm, their courage, and their ability to command attention. Fire signs are often innovators and leaders.

Water Signs

Cancer the Crab, Scorpio the Scorpion, and Pisces the Fishes are zodiac signs ruled by water. Often flexible, nurturing, and loving, they tend to enjoy the company of others. Water signs are well-known for their open-minded nature, their thoughtful approach to life, and their soft, expressive souls. Even though water signs love to go with the flow, they tend to appreciate security and familiarity. Many artists, musicians, and creators are born under water signs.

Earth Signs

Practical pragmatism defines Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. People who were born under Earth signs tend to be strong, solid, and highly determined. They have a reputation for being hard workers, and they have a tendency to strive for perfection in all things. Logical and methodical, earth signs are well-grounded people with a reputation for sticking by others even when times get tough.

Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are ruled by the element of Air. Known for clarity and directness as well as their ability to embrace new ideas, these signs are often strong conversationalists. Their tendency toward social awareness and balance makes them very popular with others.

We hope that you enjoyed our quick guide to the Zodiac, which are beautifully reflected in our newest necklaces. If you’ve been looking for a signature piece of jewelry that says something about you without revealing personal details, these necklaces are the perfect option - plus they’re amazing for layering or wearing solo, with sparkling diamonds to represent your personal stars! How will you wear yours?

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