Sex and the City 20th Anniversary: How Will You Celebrate?

Sex and the City 20th Anniversary: How Will You Celebrate?

Carrie Bradshaw and crew have been around for a long, long time: Since 1998, to be exact. This year, Sex and the City 20th anniversary celebrations focusing on everything from favorite outfits to cosmos, to marathon TV parties shared with equally enthusiastic girlfriends. We’re celebrating in our own way: You guessed it! The classic name necklace is taking center stage. A favorite even before SJP made it famous, this curvaceous, feminine wardrobe staple looks amazing. Carrie Bradshaw wore it with just about everything, and so can you and your girlfriends!

The Story behind Carrie’s Necklace in Sex and the City

In case you don’t know the story behind Carrie Bradshaw’s name necklace, here it is: She found it during a shopping trip – of course with her best friends – and she viewed it as a symbol of the best days of her life as a single girl in NYC. Even though she said, “it costs, like, nothing,” she was beyond crushed when she lost it in Paris, and overjoyed when she found it again, stuck in the lining of her bag.

Sarah Jessica Parker still has the necklace! At New York magazine’s Vulture Festival, she said that the necklace is one of her most prized possessions, stating that it reminds her of her time playing Carrie, alongside BFF’s Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha.

Written in Gold

Of course this look is an absolute classic in 14K solid gold or 18K gold plating, perfect for paying homage to one of our favorite SATC characters. At the same time, there are quite a few other options to choose from. The small name plate necklace is perfect for anyone who prefers an understated look, while the double thick version packs a far bolder punch.

Finish options like sterling silver, rose gold plating, and Swarovski crystal accents let you enjoy an updated take on this classic while keeping your unique taste in mind. They’re as pretty as the original, with plenty of modern flair to accentuate your own little black dress or whatever you happen to be wearing next time you’re out with your friends.

Celebrate Your Friendship

Whether you’re treating yourself or your best friend, personalized jewelry makes a fantastic statement while honoring the special bond that comes with lasting friendship. While your life might not be quite so dramatic as Carrie’s we think it’s worth celebrating – maybe while you watch your favorite Sex and the City episodes together!

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