April Birthstone Meaning and Color

The Diamond: April Birthstone Meaning and Color

You probably know that diamonds are among the world’s most valuable gemstones. What might surprise you is that there are many legends and fascinating stories associated with this beautiful gemstone. Egyptians revered diamonds as a symbol of the sun, as well as a representation of positive aspects such as courage, truthfulness, and great power.

Greeks, too, believed that diamonds held special powers including invincibility. We’ll cover a few of the most captivating tales here. Diamonds aren’t all you’ll find at MyNameNecklace.com. Our birthstone collection and personalized jewelry are legendary!

April Birthstone Meaning and History

The word “diamond” comes from the ancient Greek word adamas, meaning unalterable, proper, or unbreakable. This description of the April gemstone is an accurate one: Diamonds are among the hardest substances ever discovered; in fact, the only thing that can mark a diamond is another diamond.

Today’s diamonds come from a variety of sources including South Africa, Russia, Australia, Canada, and the United States. Before being discovered in Brazil during the 1700s, all diamonds were mined in India. No matter their source, all diamonds are believed to be between two and three billion years old!

Early Sanskrit texts make reference to diamonds, as does Buddhist literature dating back to the 4th century BCE. In a Chinese text from the 3rd century BCE refers to a commonly held belief that diamonds could ward off evil when worn on one’s person. Similarly, ancient Hindus believed that diamonds had the power to protect their wearers from harm.

Diamond Legends and Healing Uses

You’re probably aware that the April birthstone color is the cool, crystal clear, sparkling diamond, which often displays an entire spectrum of hues when exposed to different types of light. Although the main April birthstone meaning is “courage”, there are other meanings too. When you wear a birthstone necklace with a diamond, you are also wearing a symbol of love, strength, wealth, and abundance.

Diamond legends abound: Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that diamonds had splintered away from falling stars, or that they were the tears of the gods. In Roman literature, Cupid shot diamond-tipped arrows.

During the middle ages, diamonds were seen as healing agents for a variety of ailments ranging from nightmares to headaches and stomachaches. In crystal healing sessions enjoyed to this day, diamonds are often used for purification and balance, as well as for manifesting positive, empowering thoughts and for attracting physical prosperity.

Celebrating Life Events with Diamonds

Diamonds adorn engagement and wedding rings, but these stunning stones aren’t limited to the celebration of romance. Birthstone rings tend to be smaller than most engagement rings, but they offer a similar sparkle while celebrating you – a unique, one-of-a-kind individual. Family birthstone necklaces are wonderful too, often containing birthstones for each month that coincides with a family member’s birth.

Keep in mind that diamonds are a wonderful choice for everyone! You can wear these stones no matter when you were born; for example, diamond name necklaces celebrate your individuality while offering a splendid sparkle. Of course, diamond jewelry makes a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member born in April, and for a new mom, too!

Whether you’re treating yourself or someone special, diamonds make the perfect, memorable gift for a birthday or any other occasion.

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