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5 Ways to Pamper Yourself This Valentine’s Day

5 Ways to Pamper Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air, and we’re specifically taking about the air around YOU. As friends, mums and lovers we are often caught in a never ending cycle of giving. We’re great listeners, helpers, easily reliable at all times and the most avid supporters of our loved ones; but in all this infusion of being the best we can be for those around us we can easily forget about the most important person in this equation… ourselves! In order to give to so many people around you it’s important to feed the source and make sure that first and foremost you are taking care of yours truly. At we have the top 5 Ways to Pamper Yourself!
  1. Treat Yourself

    With the holiday and gift giving season behind us it’s time to turn that gifting attention to the most important person in your life. While diamond jewelry is almost always associated with those special moments in life, there is nothing more special than celebrating you. A delicate small diamond necklace is the perfect way to add a piece to your collection that is timeless and classic. Diamond Name Necklaces are a great way to celebrate all that makes you unique while spoiling yourself with a quality and stylish piece of jewelry. Buying something for yourself, as meaningful as jewelry, will serve as a constant reminder of how special, unique and wonderful you are!

  2. Pamper Yourself

    Take the time out to really give thanks to your body for all the hard work it does. Make time for that mani & pedi that you’ve been putting off for way too long. Go for a facial or hit up a spa for a much needed spa day! While making time for yourself is very important, if you’re pressed for time you can easily pamper yourself at home with a long bath. At least once a month you should take the time to have a special, vogue cover worthy, taken out of an ad for natural oils bath. Light some candles, lay in some Rose petals and sprinkle some essential oils for a truly relaxing experience. Though it may seem extravagant you can easily put together a bath kit in a box with all the ingredients that can be taken out at a moment’s notice, so there are no excuses!

  3. Dine yourself

    There’s a new hot spot in town that you’ve been dying to try out, or that cozy Vietnamese restaurant downtown that has had rave reviews. Whatever dining experience you have you taste buds set out on don’t put it off any longer! Grab a couple of your gal pals and hit that delicate dining up. You deserve a fun night out and there is no better way to start your pre-game than with your ultimate taste game. Start the night with fine dining, continue it with some fine wine or even cocktails and end it with a great feeling and good friends!

  4. Give of Yourself

    While our focus here is about turning all that attention inwards, we do also believe that sometimes we have to give in order to get. Feeding your soul is a great way to replenish your energy and give a silent nod and thanks to the universe for well making you, you. There is no better way to feed your soul than helping the needy. Taking the time to volunteer at a soup kitchen or a local center in need is a great way to not only spread energy, but receive it as well. If you’re looking to clear the space around you can also hit up your closet and donate all those cloths that you haven’t looked at for ages to a charity and community in need. However you decide to give be sure that you will receive much, much more.

  5. Love Yourself

    The best way to love yourself is to take time out for you. Whether it is meditating, taking that art class once a week that you’ve been following on Instagram for a year, or simply sitting in a coffee shop for an hour staring out into space. It is very important to take time out every week, or every day even, to breathe and give thanks to yourself for simply being as awesome as you are. Give yourself a daily mantra of acknowledging you for being you and everything fantastic that you contribute to this world!

From spoiling yourself with a diamond necklace, getting pampered, taking yourself out to dinner, giving to the needy and taking time out to acknowledge that self-love; it is important to remember in this busy life that we still need to make time for ourselves.

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