Finding the Perfect Valentines Gift for Him

Finding the Perfect Valentines Gift for Him

With the season of love fast approaching, you are probably starting to wonder what perfect gift will say I love you in all the right ways. When it comes to gift giving, or rather gift receiving, there are two types of people in this world. The first being the hint dropping, note leaving, say exactly what they want type, and then there is the men – who can’t admit, aren’t quite sure or think that they don’t care type. Let me tell you ladies… they care. This February 14th, My Name Necklace has your Valentine’s Day gift for him covered. With the perfect selection of stylish, classic and personalized accessories, you can easily find the perfect one thing to show him he’s your everything!


For the active man that likes street style combined with a touch of elegance we would instantly turn to the popular Dog Tag Necklaces. For a those with a more mature style opt for the classic silver plate with an engraved name or message, however if your skater boy likes to hit the ramp with something more rough around the edges choose a design with a black rubber silencer and a more classic name and date engraving. This durable accessory is something your man can easily wear out loud and proud or tucked into his shirt forever close to his heart. Either way he’s sure to love this meaningful gift that can one day easily become a family heirloom!

Engraved Cufflinks

When I look at a suit I understand that it’s the finer details that separate one style from another. The buttons, the pockets, the way the sleeve rests perfectly just above the wrist so as to let the edges of that shirt sit exactly in place. It’s this attention to the finer details that make cufflinks such an important part of men’s jewelry. Engraved cufflinks are the perfect gift to make sure your man’s suit game is always on point. With options to engrave with initials or monograms it’s easy to find that special design that will always be in style. Better yet it’s something that will make him truly feel unique – because let’s face it – there’s nobody like your man!

Men’s Bracelets

Still trying to figure out which accessory is the best for your man? Picture this… Every time your man holds out his hand to shake another, no matter what his style, rough, strong or even delicate (your man is your man!), he is showing off valuable arm candy real estate and we plan to make sure that it is accessorized to its full potential! Personalized Men’s Bracelets are the perfect gift that your man can easily enjoy in his day to day style. From classic ID Bracelets to thick leather straps with monogram engravings, it’s easy to find a style that is comfortable and practical while also showing that you want celebrate the one thing that makes him special.

Personalized Keychains

Keys are probably the most understated accessory of our existence. Whether it’s the keys to the house, a bike, the car, the office, or the whole lot jangling together; keys are simply an integrated part of our everyday lives (not to mention the most important key to your heart!). If you’ve already accessorized your man from head to toe, or he’s not the kind to adorn any jewelry at all, keychains are the perfect solution. Whether you man’s style is street, corporate, low key, super fancy or out there crazy – personalized keychains are something that every person can enjoy! From classic leather straps with monograms, Ying and Yang matching sets for the lover boy, or photo keychains of the kids for the family man; this is a gift that can easily suit everyone. It’s practical, stylish, and most importantly personal!

When looking for a Valentine’s Day Gift for him it’s important to celebrate what makes him unique. You can show him just how much you love and respect him with personalized jewelry. From dog tag necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks and more; it’s easy to find the perfect men’s accessory that is both stylish and meaningful.

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