New Year, New Look

New Year, New Look

There’s nothing like the New Year to bring in the excitement of all the fun and fresh things to look forward to ahead. Resolutions, promises and high expectations of everything we want and expect to achieve in the coming year. While obviously being a better mother, making more time for my friends, drinking more water and learning how to cook is high up on my list; I’m more interested in my exciting style resolutions for the time up ahead! With this coming year’s trends seeing a great mix of revamped 90’s styles such as My Name Necklace’s, as well as innovative bracelets and new collections, one thing that’s evident is that this year we are most definitely getting personal. With fast fashion taking road runner status, we are all looking for that way to find those subtle sentimental details that can make our own style unique and meaningful, something that truly expresses who we are and all our wonderful experiences from this beautiful world. For this reason, your style resolution this year needs to start with personalized jewelry.
  1. Name Necklaces

    For those of you that don’t remember, or weren’t around to remember (has it been that long?), Name Necklaces were shot into the fashion world by Carrie Bradshaw and her exquisite style on the 90’s sitcom Sex in The City. The style has made a serious come back and we are seeing more and more celebs adorning the personalized name plates around their neck. So what’s changed? Chains are getting shorter as a follow up to the choker trend and names are getting a little more creative; with names of kids, pets or nicknames being used rather than the classic birth name you were given. Personalized necklaces are a great gift to start the New Year or the perfect way to flaunt a little bit of your unique style.

  2. Mom’s the Word

    Whether you’ve just become a mom, well into navigating the treacherous road of motherhood, already onto grandkids or just want to celebrate your number 1 mom, jewelry will say it all. While your top bun and dry shampoo game may be strong, make sure you are on top of your style game this year with a unique mother’s necklace or personalized mothers bracelet that will let you have a little celebration of the legacy you have created every time you look down on it.

  3. Infinite Style

    While name necklaces will always be classic, Infinity jewelry has evolved the concept of putting your name on jewelry and created a piece that is not only personal but that also embodies a sense of everlasting love, commitment and passion. Infinity name necklaces and infinity bracelets continue to be at the forefront of trends not just because they look gorgeous but also because of their powerful meaning. When you are looking to this season’s hottest trend it is easy to see that the symbolism and powerful meaning of infinity jewelry combined with its flawless design are easily taking the stage again.

  4. Monogram

    While monograms have always been a classic there are some exciting new designs that are set to hit our accessory collection or the new season. The 3D monogram necklace lets you embody the curves of your name into a uniquely designed pendant, making it a subtle yet powerful piece. Likewise, we are still flaunting the class custom Celebrity Monogram necklace and our favorite monogram ring. This classic monogram necklace collection combined with new stand out designs is a must have for the New Year where we see old meet new and evolve into something uniquely beautiful on its own.

  5. Pedal to the Metal

    While in the past we have been set to commit to Sterling silver or Gold Plated when accessorizing, our New Year predictions show a rainbow of metals taking front stage! From Solid Gold, Sterling Silver, Rose Gold Plating & Gold Plating, we are now more than ever seeing the adventurous side of fashion with an all for one and one for all attitude to mix and matching metals. While some designs already come in the multi-tone combo, others are easily combined to create the same look. Make sure you show all your true colors when you accessorize this upcoming year!

With a huge amount of inspiration for our style in the coming year, it is safe to say that the one constant theme is finding that unique and personal accessory. From Name Necklaces to Disc and Circle pendants and more, personalized jewelry is the best way to keep your New Year’s style fresh, fun and unique!

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