September Birthstone - Sapphire

September Birthstone - Sapphire

Well our September babies have the honor of being the embodiment of the Sapphire birthstone. Despite coming in many different colors, sapphire gem stones are best recognized for their deep blue color. Whether you are staring at the stone and being reminded of the depths of the ocean or your lovers eyes, the sapphire is a gem that inspires a feeling of magic, mystery and of course royalty in its beholders. At My Name Necklace we have the perfect selection of Sapphire birthstone jewelry but first let’s discover a little bit about the legends and hype surrounding this majestic gem.

Legends of the Sapphire

In Persian culture it is believed that the world rests on a giant sapphire, it is the reflection of this precious gem that gives the sky its blue color. In India sapphires were soaked in liquid in order to create sought after elixirs that were said to hold healing properties.

Meanwhile if you travel into the mystic stories of ancient Burmese culture you will find it hard not to hear about the infamous Siamese cat, Sinh, who was given his sapphire blue eyes by the Goddess Tsun-Kyan-Kse; as a reward for fearlessly protecting the Monk Mun-Ha in charge of protecting her Lao-Tsun Temple. To this day Siamese cats with piercing blue eyes can be seen ‘guarding’ the temple grounds, a breed that is typically seen with green eyes! From the elixirs to guardian cats and omnipotent reflections, we are sure that sapphires are definitely a stone we wish to add to our jewelry collection today!

Bangle Bracelet with Sapphire Birthstone

September Birthstone Jewelry

September baby or not, everyone deserves to be a part of the Sapphire phenomenon. With our collection of personalized birthstone jewelry you can be sure to enjoy the mystic qualities of this stone. Personalized Birthstone Rings are the perfect way to celebrate your loved ones with designs including the option to add just one perfect sapphire, or enough stones for your whole brood! If it’s your neck that holds your jewels make sure you take a peek at our Birthstone Necklace Collection. Make each necklace unique with an engraving and sapphire birthstone to make this double personalization a trinket to remember.

While we can all admire the color of the birthstone collection it’s also important to note that birth and motherhood can go hand in hand which is why our Mother’s Bracelets are the perfect canvas to create your very own birthstone design.

With a full range of personalized birthstone jewelry, you can be sure that we have the ideal piece to create the gem setting for your unique, power harnessing jewelry.

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