Top Bridal Party Jewelry Gifts for Under $40

Top Bridal Party Jewelry Gifts for Under $40

There’s no better excitement in life than planning your big day. All of the universe will come together in celebration of you, your soul mate and your forever bond. The more magical every moment intends to be, the harder your behind the scenes team are working to get it there… the most important of these, your handpicked selection of bridesmaids. From pre-wedding tasks, bachelorette parties, making sure your mascara doesn’t run and that you stay hydrated; your bridesmaid’s team is there every step of the way to ensure your every step is as perfect as you dreamed.

While this day is all about YOU (and your partner, but mostly you…) part of a bride’s important tasks is to take a breath and say thanks to those around her that have made everything possible, lest we forget that these girls are the closest and dearest to your heart. You’re not just saying thanks for the wedding; you’re saying thanks for the years of friendship. There’s no need to break the wedding budget, something small and personalized is the perfect gift for this occasion. Here are our top 6 personalized items for under $40.
  1. Name Necklace

    The classic name necklace first came to popularity after the 90’s hit Sex in The city, where the main character Carrie wore her name proudly in a delicate necklace around her neck. As of late, like most 90’s styles, we have seen a revamp of the name necklaces which makes it the perfect personalized gift for your bestest. Here are our top 3 styles.

  2. Bar Necklace

    There’s no better way to tag your squad than with personalized bar necklaces. Make sure that each unique member of your selected best can carry the memories of your friendship long past the big day when she wears he own personalized bar necklace for a lifetime. Whether you go for the personalized Curved Bar Necklace, Rose Gold or shout it our loud with the All Capitals Bar Necklace; you can be sure you have made the best choice to achieve your #squadgoals.

  3. Bridal Collection

    This unique collection is specifically designed with your bridesmaids in mind. Delicate creations making a bold statement, these personalized bridesmaids items will be the elegant touch to any bridal party. From heart shaped pendants to vertical bar necklaces with birthstone embellishments, secure your unbreakable bond in a keepsake that they will cherish for a lifetime.

  4. Birthstone Collection

    There is nothing that makes each of your girls more unique than their birthday. Give them a thoughtful gift embedded with their birthstone, or choose a stone that matches your retinue colors! Either way this is a great way to complete your bridal party look while showing your gals you know just how special they are!

  5. Infinity Collection

    With the infinite love you have for your squad, the personalized infinity collection is definitely a top contender for your bridal party gift bag. This simple design is the perfect symbol to show just how much you care. Whether you choose to go for the infinity zirconia ring, personalized bracelet or Infinity necklace; you are sure to embody all you want to say to your soul sisters in a piece they can cherish for a lifetime.

  6. Initial Collection

    There is no better way to jump on the minimalist bandwagon than with Personalized Initial Jewelry. Using the initial of each of your bridesmaids names, create a keepsake that will look elegant in any bridal party as well as serve as a constant reminder of this special moment you had together, for a lifetime.

With your big day looming and ten thousand and one things to cross of your checklist, we know how important the love and support of your bridesmaids can be. Whether you’re bridezilla or the princess of cool, every bride cherishes the love and support of her bride squad. Show yours how much you appreciate the lifetime of memories including the ones to come, with the perfect gift of personalized jewelry.

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