History of the Monogram Letters

History of the Monogram Letters

Monograms were first seen in early Greek and Roman cultures by rulers as a means of identifying the region or ruler from which a coin came. The earliest use of monograms can be traced back to the time when trade changed from a bartering to a monetary system. People used monograms as a sign of status with the belief that a monogrammed napkin, scarf or other accessory would be symbolic of their aristocracy.
  1. Monogram in Modern Fashion

    Just as they were once used in high society, monograms are now also a symbol of high fashion with many of the renowned fashion houses taking on the monogram as their signature design. Louis Vuitton and CoCo Channel both have prominent designs that are now classic staples for each of the brands and taken from their monogram. Louis Vuitton is immediately recognizable by the LV that accompanies the majority of designs from the fashion giant, while CoCo Chanel has her interlinking CC stand at the forefront of her creations.

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  2. Monogram Jewelry

    Monogram jewelry has been a long-standing fashion statement that has allowed people to create their own Personalized Jewelry pieces. There was a time when it was a faux pas not to adhere to strict monogram etiquette hoover these days it is much more acceptable to be adventurous with your Initial Jewelry. With the important task of defining exactly which initials will make up the design of your Monogram Necklace or Monogram Bracelet, delve deeper into the design process by exploring different fonts and sizes. This is the best way to create a personalized necklace that is well and truly yours.

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