Contoured Monogram collection

Contoured Monogram collection

  1. The Evolution of Monogram Initials

    Monograms have a long history of design that has always been associated with royalty, aristocracy and high fashion. Just look at Louis Vuitton and Coco Chanel, two well renowned fashion houses that have built a reputation on their iconic monogram designs. Monograms were first used by Kings and royalty on coins, during ancient Greek and Roman trade. Later they were adorned on linen, wallets and other personal effects, always seen as a symbol of style and class. While monogram etiquette was once strict and taboo, today you can see that like all fashion it has evolved and developed in order to provide a platform for self-expression and interpretation.

    Contoured Monogram Studs Earrings in Silver
  2. Why Monogram?

    Here, at My Name Necklace, when we think of style we think of something that isn’t just fashion forward. It’s a unique expression of one’s personal self, the opportunity to capture one moment that says it all. There is no better catalyst for presenting ones definitive self than monogram jewelry, ever so classic and ever so stylish all at the same time. Create a design that is akin to your fingerprint, be it with your own initials, a combination of your partner’s initials in a gesture to immortalize your bond, or hold the initials of your children forever worn close to your heart. Monogram Jewelry will express exactly what you are trying to say with no words at all.

    Contoured Monogram Bracelet in Gold Plating
  3. Be the Woman You Are with Your Monogram in 3D

    The Contoured Monogram Collection uses your unique initials to embody design elements combining classic style with a modern and fresh look. Each initial will be carefully sculpted and molded so as to create your monogram. Bold and daring, the Contoured Collection will bare your soul in a way that will still leave those around you wondering exactly what it is that they saw. Just the tip of a whisper, the start of a secret, your contours make a statement about you.

    With a new collection of drop earrings, necklaces & rings the Contoured Collection is your chance to show the world the woman you are. Modern, fresh and full of life!

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