Patriotic Jewelry for Memorial Day

Patriotic Jewelry for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is an opportunity to pay our respects to the hero’s that have fought for the freedom that we hold sacred today. We’ll honor them in our parades and drink to their memories while celebrating all that it is to be American! At MyNameNecklace we show our patriotism in the best way we know how. Here is our guide to the top patriotic jewelry trends for 2017.
  1. Personalized Birthstone Jewelry

    Although some people may think birthstones are restricted to your birth date we like to think of the stones as a way of reflecting the colorful world around us.

    For those of us less in love with our allocated stones of birth there is still a way to enjoy a meaningful personalized birthstone jewelry experience! You guessed it… order your next ring or necklace with a red, white & blue birthstone. This way you’re showing your love and appreciation for this country only with absolute style!

  2. Julia Name necklace
  3. U-S-A… U-S-A *wave pompoms*

    It’s no secret that the ‘Carrie’ name necklace has made a huge generation Z comeback (is anyone else wondering where they go after generation Z?). We all know that your name is Alice, and that’s an awesome name, likewise the Initials MKO may be monogram worthy. What we’re recommending is that you just take a little side step with the whole name thing and instead opt for a USA necklace. This will say a lot more about you and your USA pride!

  4. STATEment Necklace

    There’s country pride, and then there’s state pride. Show off your location appreciation with personalized state necklaces. This doubly personalized jewel lets you choose your state and add an initial! If that’s not fashion efficiency I don’t know what is. It’s the ultimate find in patriotic jewelry and accesories.

  5. Be Charming with a Charm Bracelet

    What better way to celebrate a memorial day than with a charm bracelet… the very item that is built on collecting memories. We don’t want you to go too extreme but you can definitely personalize a photo charm with the USA flag for a unique American flag jewelry design… and don’t forget to add your CZ star charm to represent our stars and stripes! Charm bracelets are the perfect way to collect your Memorial Day moments.

    From head to toe (ok more like neck to finger) we have your Memorial Day Jewelry sorted!

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