The Top 10 Father’s Day Personalized Gift Ideas

The Top 10 Father’s Day Personalized Gift Ideas

Instead of a boring tie or another wallet, consider personalized Father’s Day gifts. We’ve searched the web to come up with a fun list of items including simple ideas for presents kids can make themselves, plus some top choices from the Mynamenecklace collection. Whichever you choose, dad is sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness!
  1. A Personalized ID Bracelet in Gold

    A stylish ID bracelet makes a fantastic addition to any guy’s wardrobe, and there are many ways to personalize so that he always has thoughts of his family nearby. Some ideas include “We Love You,” “Family First,” or the family’s surname. We invite you to visit our collection, where you can see even more ideas in personalized jewelry for men.

  2. Personalized Song

    If dad is a musician – or just happens to love music – than he might appreciate a personalized song. You can have one written just for dad, and have the composer mention hobbies, special interests, and of course meaningful people in a song from a musical genre that suits his taste. A few different companies provide this service online.

  3. Artwork from the Kids

    Talk about a classic! Kids artwork depicting favorite times with dad is always appreciated, whether that means you have your child go all out with a big canvas or some pallet art, or if you have them stick to something smaller, like a personalized coffee mug. Kids’ artwork is easy to incorporate into any gift; have them make a special keepsake card that dad will cherish.

  4. Engraved Dog Tag Keychain

    Why keep on using that boring old tag that came with the car keys when you can get an engraved dog tag keychain instead? This one has lots of room for a meaningful, personalized message, and dad will carry it everywhere. You can take a look at our keychains collection for even more options.

  5. Breakfast in Bed

    Everyone loves breakfast, especially dad! Make some of his favorites or hit Pinterest for exciting new ideas to make Father’s Day extra-special.

  6. A Creative Poem Made by the Kids

    Older kids can come up with meaningful rhymes on their own, while younger ones might need a little bit of help. Have the poem printed on a card, or just have children use construction paper and other art supplies to create a unique presentation. If you like, you can type the poem on pretty paper, and then frame and matte it for a very special gift he’ll cherish always.

  7. Personalized Board Book with Pictures

    Get your crafting supplies together or go online and make a special keepsake board book for dad. Add a collection of favorite photos and you’ve got a winner.

  8. Cookies in a Jar Baked by the Kids

    What’s his favorite? Whip up a batch of cookies with the kids, decorate them if you like, and present them in a big jar. Dad will snack like a king for days and the kids will be proud of their baking skills.

  9. A Personalized Number Necklace

    For the sports aficionado, a personalized number necklace is certain to hit it out of the park. Whether dad played in high school or college, or if he plays on a local league, he will be thrilled to wear this meaningful number necklace. It’s available in silver or gold, and it looks fantastic with a variety of clothing options.

  10. Handprints or Footprints of the Kids

    Little hand and footprints will remind him of the kids’ childhoods long after they have grown up. There are a variety of kits available to memorialize these, and there are tons of tutorials online that let you create DIY versions for dad to cherish.

Whether you choose just one Father’s Day gift or treat dad to an entire basket of goodies that the kids have made and purchased, he’ll love receiving special attention. Be sure to make his favorite meals or go out to a restaurant where he can get whatever he happens to be craving, too!

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