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Best Personalized Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Best Personalized Gift Ideas for Father’s Day
To your champion, to the man who always saves the day, to the man who holds the key to your heart: you owe it to him to spoil him with treats galore this Father’s Day to celebrate the remarkable man that he is. But what to give to the man who has given you his all? The traditional tie or golf set just does not cut it for you and you feel like you need to give something a little more personal. At My Name Necklace, we have compiled a list of personalized gift ideas for Father’s Day just for you that are assured showstoppers.
Sterling Silver Men’s ID Bracelet

1. Personalized Bracelet

Remind your dad of the adoration that you have for him and for always being there for you through thick and thin, through a stylish gift. The Sterling Silver Men’s ID Bracelet’s sterling silver figaro chain and wide plate available for engravement is a superb, foolproof accessory that your dad will appreciate it. Not only is it a very stylish piece to be worn with casual and formal wear alike, it is a personal piece that you may engrave with his name or even yours, for him to wear a memorable piece for years to come.

Broken Heart Necklace for Couples in Silver

2. Breakfast in Bed

It is 6:30 am on the third Sunday of June, surprise Dad with a big, hearty breakfast in bed that will leave him beaming all day long by cooking up his ultimate favorites. Need inspiration of what to make? We suggest French toast, omelets, and waffles; perfect with a side of OJ and cup of java- always a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Serve on a welcoming tray topped with a single flower and the morning’s paper, and your father will eat breakfast like a king. A happy outside starts from a happy inside- so start his day by providing him with fuel made from love.

Engraved Photo Keychain - Round Shaped

3. Handprints of Children

Hands down you are the best dad! Nothing beats a handmade craft and no father can resist a handprint of their child; a treasured keepsake for years to come. Frame the picture for him to put on his desk at the office and he will have a sentimental gift that he can look back at of the memories he shared with his child at that time and all the memories and growth they have shared since then. Not only does this make a cute, special gift, the kids will feel such a sense of pride when they create a present for him all on their own.

Engraved 3D Bar Name Necklace for Men

4. Personalized Necklace

He is the king of the castle and deserves to wear something fit for the regal man that he is. A personalized necklace is just the unique idea that you need. The Broken Heart Necklace for Couples in Silver makes a great present for a wife to give to her husband of his and hers’ names engraved on each half of the heart pendant hanging from a sterling silver Rollo chain, to complete the bond between them as parents. The best gift a wife can give to her husband is her heart. The Engraved 3D Bar Name Necklace for Men is one of our personal favorites for Father’s Day. This sleek, customized sterling silver vertical bar dangling from a black leather chain, is perfect for a father to carry his child/ren’s names around his neck for an extraordinary gift.

Engraved Dog Tag Keychain

5. Scrapbook

From family vacations, to birthdays, from catching their first fish together, gather all these paramount memories and put together a scrapbook for dad. For a fun project for moms to work on with their children, include photos that express the relationship between the children and dad, separate them into years, vacations, sports, etc. Alongside photographs, attach poetry or memorabilia, such as ticket stubs of a show they went to together or even artwork that they made for him. This is a personal, thoughtful gift that dad will appreciate all the hard work that was put into it and allow him to smile both inside and out.

Couple's Puzzle Keychain Set with Crystal

6. Personalized Keychain

Allow Dad to carry the people who are the most important to him throughout his day. It is always the small pieces that make the big picture. The Couples Puzzle Keychain Set with Crystal is fascinating for a woman to give to her husband or a child to give to their father. The sterling silver keychain comes with two parts for each individual to have engraved, including a birthstone. When both keychains are put together they form as one. The Engraved Photo Keychain- Round Shaped, a striking emblem of love, allows one to capture a photo memory of their father to be carried around on a keychain with a meaningful inscription on the back, such as “I love you Dad” or “Together Forever”. Both unique customizable keychains will make Dad feel super cherished.

So, this Father’s Day, give Dad a personal gift, custom-made by you, that we guarantee he will love.

Tally Moran
written by

A twenty-something-year-old, style-obsessed, food loving, social media animal with an endless love affair for fashion and lifestyle themes. Tally is a copywriter and the voice behind the My Name Necklace Blog.

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