The Circle Necklace: The Must-Have Jewelry

The Circle Necklace: The Must-Have Jewelry

Very much like infinity necklaces, circle pendants can be worn to symbolize everlasting love. In the same way that it is impossible to find the beginning or ending of an unbroken circle, love has neither a beginning nor an end. And, as circles have no gaps, true love is precious for its ability to make life feel full and more complete. This sentiment isn’t only for couples; it is one that can hold special meaning for mothers, sisters, best friends, and others who hold an important place in life. And, it can hold a meaning that only you are aware of. Besides being fashionable, circle necklaces can signify that your life has reached an important milestone and come “full circle” in some way. Mynamenecklace’s personalized jewelry collection offers a wide variety from which to choose.
  1. The Top 3 Circles Necklaces offered by Mynamenecklace

    Our silver circle necklace is based on the popular Russian Ring design, with interlocking circles that you can personalize with the names or meaningful words of your choice. It’s perfect for families, sisters, moms and daughters, and of course, for celebrating a close circle of friends.

    Another favorite is the circle pendant necklace, which offers a sleek, sophisticated profile while letting you connect two names with one another. Just right for couples, or for moms with two children, this pendant is also an excellent choice for se as a mother-daughter necklace. In sterling silver, rose gold, and yellow gold, our beautiful three circles necklace is a real standout. It makes a bolder statement than some other styles, and if offers the advantage of pairing with a wide array of clothing and jewelry styles so that it can be worn with just about everything in her closet. This necklace makes an outstanding family gift or mother’s day gift, and its unique look makes it a favorite.

  2. Circle Necklace: The Perfect Gift for Mothers

    A circle necklace makes a fashionable, unique gift for moms, and she’s sure to love the fact that you’ve had multiple names engraved on the pendant. Many of our pendants have room for up to three names, while a few other styles offer a bit more space for larger families. There are a few ways to celebrate, for example:

    1. If you’re an only child and there is room for three names, consider having mom’s name, dad’s name, and your name engraved.
    2. If you have just one sibling, have mom’s name and both siblings’ names engraved.
    3. If you have two siblings, have the pendant engraved with all three children’s names.
    4. As a special mother’s day gift for grandma, celebrate three generations by engraving your grandma’s name, your mom’s name, and your name.
    These are just a few ideas for personalizing many of the choices we have to offer. Visit our mother jewelry collection for even more inspiration that will help you create the perfect, memorable gift.

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