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How Harmony Balls Benefit Pregnant Women and New Moms

How Harmony Balls Benefit Pregnant Women and New Moms

Pregnancy harmony ball necklaces are more than just stylish accessories! With unique origins and an interesting history, these beautiful necklaces offer benefits to moms and babies alike. At Mynamenecklace we have a gorgeous collection of harmony ball necklaces to choose from, plus we offer personalization for an extra-special touch.
  1. Origins of the Harmony Ball

    The harmony ball pendant was originally created to bring a sense of peace and calm to its wearer. These pendants are not only beautifully detailed, but they contain tiny chimes inside. These chimes make a barely audible sound during movement, creating a relaxing effect that calms the mind much like the sound of soft rain or distant birdsong does. Centuries ago, Balinese women discovered that harmony balls can comfort babies and help them relax by reminding them of the cozy, quiet atmosphere they enjoyed before birth. These beautiful pendants are such an important part of Balinese life that women pass them on to their daughters as keepsakes.

    Similar bola necklaces or “angel callers” have been part of Mayan culture for centuries, too. They are believed to promote inner calm by calling out to the child’s guardian angel for help.

  2. Benefits of the Harmony Ball During Pregnancy

    This special pregnancy necklace is worn low down on the belly. The mom-to-be (and the baby!) will benefit most if the necklace is worn by the 20-week point, which is when babies develop the ability to hear. As mom does everyday things, the chime will ring with every movement. The baby will hear it, along with other comforting sounds such as mom’s voice, music, and other everyday noises that occur in the environment where the pregnancy takes place. Pregnancy can be a stressful time, and many moms to be find that they enjoy the soft chiming sounds, which bring feelings of calm and relaxation.

  3. Benefits of the Harmony Ball for New Moms

    While some people mistakenly believe that harmony balls are meant to keep babies calm while they are developing pre-birth, the real benefits happen after the baby is born. New moms love this, because it gives them yet another way to help calm and comfort the baby. After birth, the position of the necklace should change. The cord or chain should be shortened so that the harmony ball is positioned just beneath the collar bones. This way, the baby will hear it while being held, fed, diapered, or moved from one place to the other. A second harmony ball can be placed on a mobile or baby swing out of reach of the little one, where it can move and chime so baby can hear it even when mom isn’t right there.

    New moms can also comfort toddlers with their harmony balls. When the need to wear the pendant has passed, it’s possible to place a harmony ball inside a pouch or even sew it into a small stuffed animal to give the little one when he or she needs extra comforting.

  4. Harmony Balls Make a Great Pregnancy Gift

    These lovely pendants make a fantastic pregnancy gift that’s both beautiful and practical. We invite you to visit our harmony ball necklaces collection, which features designs include special touches like birthstones, initial charms, and personalization. Like our mother necklaces and new mom jewelry, they come in a variety of styles and colors to suit individual taste – and they are certain to be appreciated both during pregnancy and after the little one arrives.

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