My Charm Bracelet Collection

Express yourself and celebrate life’s special moments with our beautiful My Charm bracelet collection. Choose from a wide selection of charms, along with essentials like stoppers, spacers, and a bracelet to keep them all together. The highlight of our collection is the personalized charms, which range from engraved, personalized pendants to a unique selection of photo charms that come together to transform a simple piece of jewelry into a unique, wearable work of art that’s just for you!

In just three easy steps, you can create your own unique charm bracelet, the kind that reflects you, your life’s events, and of course your most meaningful special moments.

Step 1 – The Bracelet
It all begins with essentials like our elegant silver charm bracelet, a sleek safety clip, and sparkling stopper and spacer beads that create a beautiful foundation for the personalized bracelet of your dreams.
Step 2 – Add your Charms
Next, add a unique personal touch from our charm collection. Sparkling birthstones, stars, hearts, and animals are popular choices, as are our colorful glass beads. Celebrate your favorite little ones with engraved boy and girl charms, or fall in love with an adorable baby carriage embellished with a sparkling stone.
Step 3 – Personalize!
To make your bracelet complete, just spice it up with personalized charms. You can upload a favorite photo and showcase it in an oval, round, square, or heart-shaped photo charm or bead and personalize even more by choosing a meaningful word to engrave on the back. Make it even more unique with engraved discs, round textured beads, or a special engraved pendant for an exquisite personal touch. Over time, you can collect special charms that let you change the design and colors of your charm bracelet throughout the year, during the holidays, or whenever you like.
The Perfect Gift
The best way to keep some of your favorite people and things close, a custom charm bracelet makes a beautiful, versatile gift for nearly anyone on your list, or draws attention to your unique sense of style. Our personalized charms, baby charms, and whimsical beads let you create a masterpiece that tells a story of life, love, and happiness.

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