Garnet Meaning: January Birthstone of the Month

Garnet Meaning: January Birthstone of the Month

You probably recognize garnets as beautiful red gemstones, but did you know that the January birthstone has a long history of use in amulets and talismans? Sometimes called Warrior’s Stones, gleaming garnets were historically said to protect their wearers in battle, and to provide protection from poison. Another garnet meaning is that of building success and enhancing life by helping the wearer to focus his or her efforts. Perhaps it is this property that makes these stones a favorite with people who want to enhance business success; gemstone lore instructs users to place three or more garnets on their desks to improve business.

January Birthstone Meaning and History

The word “garnet” is said to be derived from the Latin word granatus, a possible reference to the Latin term for pomegranate, a fruit with deep red seeds that bear a strong resemblance. Fast-forward to 14th century England, where the word “gemet”, meaning “dark red” is believed to precede today’s word for January’s vivid birthstone.

Besides its long-standing position as the January birthstone of the month, garnet is a stone that symbolizes truth, purity, love, and compassion – making it a perfect addition to pieces from our exquisite Infinity Jewelry Collection. Garnet is also the traditional anniversary gemstone for a couple’s second year of marriage. Because its red color is symbolic of romance, it is also a very popular stone for Valentine’s Day, dating anniversaries, and other wedding anniversaries. Whether mounted in a ring, bracelet, earrings, or in a Name Bar Necklace, it is sure to please!

Garnet Legends

Garnets are central to many traditional stories and legends. These magnificent stones are said to facilitate night vision and emit light on their own; so much so that the Talmud states that a large garnet served as the only source of light aboard Noah’s Ark. In Hebrew tradition, garnet is considered one of the 12 gemstones that adorned Aaron’s breastplate. In Greek mythology, Hades, god of the underworld, abducted Persephone, goddess of sunshine. He released her after offering her some pomegranate seeds that guaranteed she would return to him; because of their close association with this ruby red fruit, garnets are often used as a representation of commitment and fidelity.

There are many wonderful powers attributed to garnets. Besides protecting their owners from terrible nightmares, these stones are sometimes carried by travelers who believe that they offer protection against accidents.

Celebrating Life Events with Birthstones

Birthstone jewelry is a lovely, traditional birthday gift for anyone on your list. Shimmering garnets look beautiful when they are set in a personalized necklace for mom, a Charm Bangle or bracelet for a friend or in a special memento for a grandmother or aunt. Birthstones make a thoughtful gift for anyone celebrating the birth of a new baby, and of course they make wonderful holiday presents, too.

Love the deep red glow of garnet? Enjoy wearing this beautiful stone anytime, even if your birthday isn’t in January. January birthstone necklaces, bracelets or personalized mothers rings, make a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection or the perfect gift. Giving garnets to someone else? Check out our guide to the Top Birthstone Jewelry Pieces for Mom.

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