The January Birthstone Meaning

The January Birthstone Meaning
January represents new beginnings, a chance to have a fresh start and tackle the new year ahead. We cannot think of any month more deserving of the brightest birthstone than the garnet. People born in January have the honor to have one of the most vibrant and striking birthstones to represent their birth month. Discover the history and origin of the marvelous birthstone as well as alluring jewelry to match, as this month we are putting the spotlight on the magnificent garnet.


The garnet originates from the medieval Latin word granatus, meaning ‘pomegranate’, in regard to the similar red color. Since the Bronze Age, the garnet has been used as abrasives and gemstones. Pharaohs of ancient Egypt would wear necklaces studded with red garnets, while signet rings in Ancient Rome had garnet intaglios that were used to stamp the wax that secured important documents. Garnets come from many different countries, Bohemia being the primary sources during Victorian times. Today, the African continent supplies much of the world’s garnet. It is also found in Brazil, Iran, Sri Lanka, among other countries.


The most prominent feature of the garnet is its ability to sparkle as radiant as the person wearing it. If you want to show a Capricorn or Aquarius baby how much they mean to you, this deep red stone makes a very thoughtful and personalized gift. Give them the gift of the color of their birth month as garnets are a stunning adornment to any jewelry piece. The Vertical Infinity Name Necklace with Birthstones as well as the Multiple Initial Pendant Necklace with birthstones is a beautiful way for one to carry their birthstone as well as the names and birthstones of their loved ones on the daily.


In Hinduism and Buddhism, garnet is a holy stone which gives wisdom and enlightens the soul. It is said that the garnet releases negative energy, as many believe that the stone encourages feelings of joy, hope, and willpower. The fiery color of the stone drives away fatigue, stimulates the imagination, creative thinking, and piece of mind. In ancient and medieval times, garnets were also though to be remedies for inflammatory diseases and to soothe an angry heart. Some even call it the ‘Gem of Faith’, as it is believed that those who wear it and do good, more good will come.


Looking for a bedazzling gift for one born in January? Get creative customizing the perfect January birthstone gift! Afterall, it is the first month of the year, and what better way to show your love and appreciation to them than with something that they can sparkle in all year long? The Stackable Birthstone Name Ring is one of our personal favorites. Stack multiple rings with the names and birthstones of the closest people to the birthday gal as well as her name and birthstone!

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