5 Christmas gift ideas for coworkers

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to think about gifts, and while you may have your family covered, it’s important to choose appropriate gifts for those you work with. Here are a few of our favorite Christmas jewelry gift ideas for coworkers:

Bar Necklace

If you’re looking for something a bit more personal, you might want to consider a modern, lovely bar necklace, personalized with your coworker’s name. You can find styles from fun to serious. Another popular choice is custom made monogram necklaces. You can choose between sterling silver and gold and a range of designs, including a script or a block style. These fabulous necklaces really tell the recipient you care, and would be an ideal present for close friends as well.

Travel Mugs

A perfect Christmas gift for nearly everyone is a travel mug for toting hot beverages to the office. Whether the gift recipient is a coffee drinker or someone who brews tea for their commute, either way it seems you can't go wrong with a sturdy, attractive travel mug. Whether buying for a male or female, here is one to consider:

A great complement to the workplace, stainless steel mugs offer simplicity and neutral design. One we love is the Contigo Autoseal West Loop Stainless Travel Mug with Easy-Clean Lid, and why not? With a well-designed locking mechanism that requires your pressing a pushbutton to allow liquids to flow, it is one of the best mugs for preventing spills. Available in 16 and 20 ounces, it comes in several stylish colors in addition to stainless steel.

Something for Your Male Colleges

When buying for a male officemate, men's personalized jewelry makes a nice statement both in gold and silver. You can find traditional cufflinks, identity bracelets, rings, and dog tags as well as more modern takes, such as a guitar pick charm on a chain.

Cubical Accessories

Besides jewelry and travel mugs, office items are always a big hit: calendars, fun sticky notes, personalized note pads, mobile phone accessories. Book stores, both online and in town, are a great spot to find these items as well as books, which are always appropriate.

Something for Foodies

If your coworker is a foodie, consider gourmet chocolate, tea, coffee, or nuts. Always in good taste, these small treasures are simple and elegant, and can be found in gourmet shops or high-end grocery stores.

If none of these ideas sparks an interest, you can always visit museum gift shops or hit the mall for shopping tips for Christmas. The main thing to remember is, whether you’re looking for gift ideas for best friends or those you share the office with, to buy something you would enjoy receiving, something your friend or colleague would enjoy, and something special that tells the recipient you care about them.

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