The Meaning Behind the September Birthstone

The Meaning Behind the September Birthstone
What is the birthstone of September? A gem coveted by powerful individuals, the sapphire’s fascinating history, ancient beliefs, and modern uses, results in a remarkable stone honoring the month of September. Virgos and Libras: At My Name Necklace, explore an extensive collection of lavish sapphire jewelry to add just the right amount of sparkle to your birth month.


Found mainly in Thailand, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, China, and North America, where cuts and clarity vary, the sapphire is a relative of July’s birthstone, the ruby, and is a form of the corundum mineral. Possessing a blue color ranging from pale to a deep blue, the stone can also display a variety of beautiful colors including yellow, green, pale pink, orange, blue, violet, and brown. For countless centuries, the sapphire has adorned royalty and the robes of the clergy. The sapphire is featured in Asian mythology, European, and Near Eastern history and religious texts.


Known to have divine connections and the power of prophecy, the sapphire is an extravagant gem to wear, whether September is your birth month or not! Celebrate mom with the Custom Birthstone Drop Necklace for Mom; a piece meant to symbolize loved ones. With dangling radiant birthstone drops and initial charms, personalize with the initials of the special individuals behind the birthstones. The Baby Feet Bangle Bracelet is a meaningful gift adorned with a charm of baby feet personalized with the date and name of birth of mom’s children as well as accented with their birthstones and other adorable charms.


Considered the finest of all colorful gemstones, the sapphire is taken from a number of languages including Greek, Latin, and Arabic, and was known as the gem of Apollo. It was believed that sapphires represent the purity of the soul and is thought to symbolize integrity, loyalty, and nobility. The Sapphire is believed to shield one’s loved ones from harm’s way as well is associated with focusing the mind and maintaining self-discipline. Until today, the sapphire is considered a royal stone of learning and spiritual truth; its blue rays bring order and lends strength and focus to see beneath surface appearances.


A stone of royalty and wisdom, the sapphire has been spotted on the famous crown of Queen Elizabeth II, as well as a number of rings, swords, scepters worn by a sovereign. Discover your own regal piece with the Initial Open Ring with Birthstone; a piece to express your personality. A true treasure- it glistens, glitters, and sparkles, and is yours to keep forever. The Name Necklace with One Birthstone is a statement necklace for the win and a look you’ll want to live in, curating your own story.

Believed that the sky is painted blue by the reflection of sapphires, accentuate your signature look and express your personality through wearing this vibrant stone!

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