Personalized Jewelry for Flower Girls
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Personalized Jewelry for Flower Girls

When planning a wedding, remember to help your flower girl feel special while looking as adorable as can be. Taking inspiration from traditional pieces, personalized jewelry for flower girls has a sweet, charming look you’ll love. Best of all, initial jewelry and other delicate treasures can be worn long after the day of the wedding.

18k Rose Gold Plated Engraved Heart Necklace
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18k Gold Plated Engraved Heart Necklace
Engraved Gold Plated
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Sweet Symbols of Love

Flower girls first appeared in ancient Rome, where they carried herbs and sheaves of wheat to bless the new couple with fertility and prosperity. During the Victorian era, flower girls carried beautifully decorated baskets or floral hoops that symbolized the endlessness of true love. Today, the flower girl’s presence reminds us of all things sweet and innocent, and these sentiments are reflected in the jewelry they wear.

Traditional flower girl jewelry has an innocent, understated look that is in keeping with the flower girl’s sweet, simple role in the wedding ceremony. Pearl necklace, bracelet, and earrings sets have always been popular since they go beautifully with traditional and heirloom dresses. Simple gold and silver pieces with charms or birthstones make excellent traditional choices too, as they complement the flower girl’s dress beautifully.

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Current Styles

Today, traditional choices remain very popular, but when it comes to choosing a style, there’s quite a bit more flexibility than there once was. If you like, you can choose flower girl jewelry that closely matches pieces worn by the rest of the bridal party, or you can select simpler pieces with rhinestones or Swarovski crystals in colors that match the ones you’ve chosen for your overall wedding theme. A bar necklace like a bridesmaid wears makes a chic statement, and our mom necklace lookalikes provide you with even more elegant, updated options to choose from.

Keep in mind that items worn by the flower girl are often a bit less fancy and formal than jewelry worn by the bride and bridesmaids. Sometimes this jewelry can reflect the wedding’s theme in a whimsical way. For example, you might choose a special seashell-themed jewelry set for a beach wedding, or a butterfly necklace, bracelet, and earrings set for a garden wedding.

An engraved gold or rose gold heart necklace might be just right, and a pearl bracelet with a charm blends tradition with a modern aesthetic. Tiny little girls will look even more adorable in a similar style such as our freshwater pearl engraveable baby bracelet. Pieces from our trendy infinity name collection remind us that true love is forever, and make a fantastic choice for an older flower girl.

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