7 Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Daughter
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7 Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Daughter

Commencement is a very special time, and it calls for a meaningful, memorable gift. Here are seven fantastic graduation gift ideas for daughter to make your search quick and easy.

A Meaningful Necklace

Beautiful, meaningful, memorable, and inspiring, compass necklaces makes for wonderful graduation gift that your daughter can bring everywhere.

Compass Necklace with Engraved Disc
Compass Necklace
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Graduation Inspiration Necklace
Graduation Inspiration
Necklace >

A classic initial necklace or a trendy, sideways initial necklace says just how special your daughter is to you, and conveys your pride in her accomplishment. As an added bonus, it goes well with a variety of clothing styles. The bar necklace and infinity necklace are two other stylish, meaningful options to consider.

A New Car

New cars are traditional graduation gifts that keep on giving, helping your daughter get to all the places that she needs to go. Choose one that’s safe, and she may be able to get a discount on insurance.

Family Tree Jewelry

Family jewelry isn’t just for parents and grandparents; it’s also an ideal graduation present for a daughter who enjoys the close-knit relationship between siblings, parents, and others. Family tree jewelry comes in an array of styles and configurations, and it can be personalized with the names of all the most meaningful people in your daughter’s life.

An Encouraging Book

Graduates appreciate encouraging words, especially if they’ll be heading off to college in a place where they’ll meet new friends and encounter new situations. Workman Publishing’s You are Doing a Great Freaking Job contains almost 200 bite-sized snippets of encouragement, and Dr. Seuss’s classic Oh, The Places You’ll Go! is full of encouraging words.

Diploma and Tassel Frame

Your daughter has worked hard to meet this life milestone, and a special frame can help commemorate. You can find a number of different styles online and in gift stores.

An Investment

Everyone appreciates money, but instead of a check, consider making an investment in your daughter’s name. Different companies offer a variety of interesting options, including certificates that let the recipient choose how to invest the gift.

A New Computer

If your daughter is heading off to college, then a new tablet or laptop might be exactly the graduation gift she needs. It’s an investment in her education, and with features like Skype, it can even help you stay in touch!

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