Mother Ring Guide - How to Shop for Mother Rings

How to Shop for Mother Rings

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Mother birthstone rings are among the most meaningful gifts you can give. Accented with sparkling birthstones that usually represent children or grandchildren, mother rings can also have extra birthstones that represent other family members. This type of memorial jewelry has been popular for decades. While mother birthstone rings are typically presented as Mother’s Day gifts, they make an outstanding gift for mom or grandma any time of the year.

The first known mother’s ring consisted of two wedding bands that were joined together by the birthstones of a couple’s sons. Today’s mother birthstone rings range from traditional designs that hearken back to the mid-20th century and contemporary designs that feature stones, engraving, and other meaningful elements.

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Step 1: Choose Your Style

Start by taking a look at our gallery of mother birthstone rings, which will give you a basic idea of what’s available. Once you find a design that your mom or grandma will appreciate, it’s time to add details that make the ring truly unique.

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Step 2: Decide on the Number of Stones

A 2-stone ring is ideal for young families with two kids, or perhaps for a single mom with one child.

A 4-stone ring is appropriate for a variety of different families:

  • Two parents and two kids
  • Family with four kids
  • Grandmother with four grandkids

A 5-stone ring is ideal for different types of families, too:

  • Two parents and three kids
  • Family with five kids
  • Grandmother with five grandkids
  • Grandparents with three grandkids

If you love the look of 4 or 5 birthstone rings but don’t have that many children to celebrate, consider including other family members – maybe a special aunt or uncle, a grandfather, a great-grandmother, or even the family pet! Part of the beauty of mother’s rings is that they are completely customizable.

What if you come from a larger family? Consider honoring mom or grandma with multiple mother birthstone rings, or perhaps give different pieces of jewelry such as a mother ring and a family tree necklace.

Step 3: Add Engraving

After deciding on a style, consider adding engraving. Many of our mother birthstone rings include this option, making your gift even more meaningful. Engraving first names is the most popular method of personalizing, but you can choose to use special nicknames or even family surnames. The choice is completely up to you!

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Other Options

You can also celebrate family with beautiful mom jewelry designs like floating lockets or an infinity necklace. For families that are still growing, new mom jewelry offers even more ways to personalize.

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