10 Perfect Grandma Gifts for Mother’s Day

10 Perfect Grandma Gifts for Mother’s Day

At MyNameNecklace, we know that flowers are temporary; and while practical, kitchen appliances are far from sentimental. Mother’s Day is all about showing your love for the women who play a special role in your life, so instead of the usual, treat her to something extra-special. Here are ten great Grandma gift ideas for Mother’s Day.
  1. Personalized Jewelry

    What to get the grandma who has everything? Consider a special piece of personalized jewelry from our collection of personalized jewelry for moms and grandmas. There’s lots to choose from! Some favorites:

    1. Sentimental pieces from the heart collection.
    2. Floating lockets with sparkling birthstones inside.
    3. Charm bracelets to celebrate Grandma’s special bond with her grandchildren
    4. A simple, go-with-everything monogram necklace she can enjoy wearing each day

  2. Gifts that Celebrate Family

    Mother’s day is all about the special love we share with our family members, so why not choose a gift that celebrates Grandma and all the most important people in her life? Many items fall into this category. Here are some of our favorites:

    1. Family tree jewelry such as a necklace or locket with birthstones inside: It’s one of our most popular personalized gifts for grandma!
    2. A grandma ring with birthstones celebrating grandchildren.
    3. Photo albums or a family tree collage with photos commemorating the link between generations.
    You’ll find even more family-inspired gifts in our grandma necklace collection!

  3. Diamond Jewelry

    A grandma’s love is forever, and so is diamond jewelry! Why not treat Grandma to something sparkly this year? She’ll be so surprised when she opens that little gift box and sees personalized diamond jewelry inside! From diamond name necklaces to even simpler options, we have lots of styles to put a gleam in Nan’s eye!

  4. Photo Jewelry and Keyrings

    Send your love and remind her of special moments with a memorable piece of photo jewelry. Some of our most popular options:

    1. A photo necklace with an inscription on the back
    2. A photo locket with a picture of the entire family
    3. A photo keychain with a fun portrait of the grandkids

  5. Birthstone Jewelry

    Birthstone necklaces and rings are traditional birthday gifts, and they’re fantastic for other occasions too. Offering a touch of color and plenty of sparkle, they’re among our most popular gift ideas for Grandma.

  6. DIY Gifts

    DIY gifts are extra-meaningful, and Grandma will feel especially loved when you pair them with personalised mothers day gifts such as necklaces or bracelets. Short on ideas? Try visiting Pinterest for a dose of inspiration.

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  8. Spa Gifts

    Most grandmas love the thought of being pampered. Show your appreciation by treating your grandmother to a special spa gift. Consider:

    1. Gift certificates for pampering; try massages, manicures, and /or pedicures
    2. Baskets filled with bath goodies she can enjoy at home

  9. Special Experiences

    For the grandma who has everything, why not consider a special experience she’ll always remember?

    1. Visit an art gallery, museum, or historic site. Make a day of it!
    2. Go wine tasting and laugh like crazy.
    3. Travel to a destination she’s always wanted to visit. Commemorate the occasion with a special memento such as a latitude/longitude necklace.

  10. Enjoy a Memorable Meal

    Grandma has spent countless hours preparing food to nourish the family. Turn the tables by treating her to a special meal this Mother’s Day!

    1. Brunch at a favorite restaurant
    2. Dinner out, or dinner and a show
    3. Make a meal that includes grandma’s favorite foods; have the kids help with preparation and serving.

  11. A Gift Basket

    Why not combine several elements and create a truly memorable surprise gift for Grandma this Mother’s Day? A few ideas are:

    1. Photos of family members
    2. Tickets to a film or concert
    3. Special treats such as wine or chocolate

Whether you give just one of these great Grandma gifts for Mother’s Day, or create a special package containing several items and preset it to her over dinner, your efforts are sure to be appreciated – and Nan will feel extra-special. Happy Mother’s Day!

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