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7 Amazing Facts About Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s day is a fascinating celebration of love. With this in mind, we’ve put together this set of fun valentine’s facts, which are sure to fascinate your friends and loved ones!

You Won’t Believe How Many Cards are Sent Each Year…

According to statisticbrain, the number is close to 132 million! Some come with candy, flowers, or jewelry, while others stand on their own.

Online Shopping is Becoming More Popular

According to Business Insider, 1 in 3 people plan to shop online for Valentine’s Day. This fact doesn’t surprise us – there are lots of great gifts available online, along with some amazing deals.

Valentine’s Day Gifts…Or Else!

Believe it or not, 53% of women in a survey quoted by statisticbrain said they would end their relationship if their significant other didn’t give them a gift. On a happier note, many relationships move to the next level. 216 Valentine’s Day marriages taking place annually.

Who Spends More?

Business Insider discovered that the average U.S. consumer spends a little over $115 on Valentine’s Day. Men tend to spend more than women on this holiday – approximately double the amount women spend.

Men Like to Send Flowers

In the same survey, Business Insider reveals that 73% of the flowers purchased for Valentine’s day are bought by men.

Meanwhile, Some Women Take Matters into Their Own Hands

Not trusting that they’ll receive a gifts, 15% of women send flowers to themselves!

Some Prefer Shiny Gifts

Jewelry (and personalized jewelry) tops the list of Valentine’ day gifts, with 1 in 5 people purchasing a little something shiny and/or sparkly for their significant others in celebration of the holiday. Business Insider says men prefer to get their gifts first thing in the morning, while women would rather receive theirs after a nice dinner.

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