Christmas Gifts for Newborns - Make it Personal

Christmas Gifts for Newborns - Make it Personal

Newborn babies may not yet know what Christmas is all about, but gifts given in celebration of new life – especially around the holidays – are always meaningful! While practical baby gifts like pajamas, bath supplies, and educational baby toys are useful, it’s a good idea to make your present personal. Here are some of our favorite Christmas gifts for newborns. They’ll be appreciated now and in the future!


Framed artwork with baby’s birth details on it makes a classic gift for a little one. Whether you purchase it pre-made or take the time to work a cross-stitch or needlepoint project yourself, this is a keepsake that adds a personal touch to baby’s room. A similar suggestion is a picture frame with the child’s name on it. You can find a variety of options in specialty stores and online.


Christmas jewelry gifts are ideal for babies and anyone else on your list! A monogram necklace or bracelet might be just the thing to give to a little girl; she may not be able to wear it right away, but the story of how you gave it to her for Christmas when she was a newborn is one she will love hearing over and over.

Personalized baby bracelets are wonderful Christmas gifts for newborns, since they can be worn immediately. Cute, colorful designs with the baby’s name and a special charm pair well with a variety of outfits, and once baby outgrows the bracelet, he or she can add it to a box of keepsakes.


Bedding may not last forever, but blankets, keepsake pillows, afghans, and quilts embroidered with the baby’s name and perhaps some birth details are classic Christmas gifts for newborns. If you don’t sew, consider hiring someone to craft that special handmade quilt for you. You may be able to find someone in your local area, and you can find many experienced quilters who take custom orders on sites such as Etsy.

You can add more fun to any of these presents by adding a special stuffed animal to cuddle with.

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