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How to Choose the Right Kids Necklace

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Kids necklaces come in a mind-boggling array of colors, shapes and sizes. Some are so cheaply made that they fall apart after an hour of wear, while others are so expensive that you’re forced to store them away and bring them out only for special occasions. Just like adults, kids love wearing necklaces, so why not pick one or two they can confidently wear every day of the week? Here are some helpful tips for choosing necklaces for kids.

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Fun, Fashionable and Meaningful Styles

Poke around on the web for a few minutes, and you’ll find an abundance of cheap, plastic jewelry along with beautiful but pricey pieces designed for special occasions. Fashionable necklaces made with sturdy components bridge the gap between these two extremes, offering a fun look that kids will enjoy, plus interesting colors and textures that complement children’s clothing.

Start by thinking about what is most important to the child. Maybe he or she is into music, or enjoys pets and animals. Kids necklaces featuring musical notes, special animal cutouts like kittens, rabbits, and even turtles are sure to appeal to children with interests like these.

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Next, consider whether the child has a favorite color, or whether he or she might appreciate a birthstone. Kids name necklaces come in silver, gold, rose gold, and colored acrylic, and birthstones, colored cords, and other accents let you give them a gift that incorporates the color they like most. Fun accents like anchors, stars, hearts, and butterflies add a special touch to some pieces.

Finally, keep the child’s age in mind! A sterling silver engraved heart necklace will appeal to a girl of almost any age, while a kid’s necklace with a colorful ladybug charm appeals to a younger age range. At the same time, younger kids often appreciate classic name necklaces just as much as older ones do. A timeless style will carry the child from her younger years into her teens easily, while helping her to create a signature look.

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