Back to School Gifts

Back to School Gifts
Summer’s out, school’s in. Surviving the first day of school can be tough and overwhelming. Start the school year off right. Welcome your children and teachers (and even yourself!) with these unique gift ideas. Whether they are starting kindergarten or off to college, My Name Necklace's back to school gift ideas will make the grade.


Start first day of school traditions with your child/ren that you can follow each school year! Pack an extra special lunch (Pinterest-worthy) and go all out! Include fun labels, tags, and a coupon for after-school ice cream. When returning back from school, create a time capsule. Have your child write down what they would like to accomplish by the end of the year. You and your child can open it on the last day of school to see how they have reached their goals. For dinner, host a buffet-style dinner with all of their favorite food- mini pizzas, French fries, and chicken nuggets galore!


Your (not-so) young one is moving on to the next chapter in their life. With new chapters come newfound responsibilities. In short, there are a lot of things a college student can use help with from homesickness to school supplies- items they will actually need to survive college life, which includes: 1. A portable charger-kids today need juice! (for their phone that is). 2. A travel duffel set for their travels back home. 3. An inspirational engraved necklace or keychain-every student needs a little inspiration now or then, gift them with a small pick-me-up. 4. Variety snack-care package- because nothing excites a college student as much as comfort food from home.


Their first day of school, time for the tough ‘let go’ after a summer filled of memories. Get into spirit with an engraved jewelry piece or photo keychain of your children. Carry their names or photos closely to you on the daily celebrating that family is together every step of the way! And for a little ‘me time’ after the summer hecticness, treat yourself to a spa day with close friends and pamper yourself for a little unwinding!


Back to school teacher gifts are important, as they remind teachers that we really appreciate all of their hard work and a year full of new challenges. A teacher needs a nice tote bag to carry books and teaching materials back and forth every day. Gift a teacher with a tote with a cute design and sweet words. As well, lots of teachers run on caffeine, choose a unique coffee mug and a Starbucks gift card! Lastly, extra school supplies are a must. Many students run out of supplies, and sometimes it may even come out of the teacher’s pocket. Gift a teacher to keep some much-needed extras on hand!

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