2015 Back to School Gifts Ideas for Kids

5 Perfect Back to School Gifts for Kids

Autumn is a special time of year, and for kids and parents alike, it means that it’s time to kick off the school year. Whether your child is just entering kindergarten or is about to start junior high or high school, going back to school can be fun – and just a little scary. What better way to celebrate, initiate important conversations, or just get the school year off to a good start, than by presenting your child with a meaningful gift? Our list of five perfect back to school gifts for kids has a little something for everyone.

Lunch Box

A lunch box – especially a personalized one – makes a fantastic gift for a child who’s about to experience lunchtime at school for the first time, and it makes a nice replacement for a worn out model from last year, too. Spend just a little time shopping, and you’ll find that there are lots of different styles available, ranging from simple designs to insulated ones with lots of special compartments for hiding treats and stowing things like napkins, flatware, and little notes of encouragement.

Color Bookmarks

Bookmarks are something every student needs – and it’s important to have a good supply on hand to prevent damage to schoolbooks and encourage kids to develop habits that will help them stay organized and less stressed during the school year. Printable color bookmarks with designs that can be personalized are ideal – you can find fun templates on line and color them yourself or let your child be involved in the process! Older kids are likely to appreciate bookmarks with inspirational quotes, metal bookmarks, and ribbon style bookmarks that allow them to mark multiple pages in the same book.

Personalized Necklace

Red Heart Necklace for KidsMost girls love jewelry, and necklaces are ideal alternatives to things like rings and bracelets, since they won’t get in the way during sports and other activities. A delicate necklace – perhaps a personalized one – is ideal, since it looks fantastic with everything and is sure to be quite meaningful to the girl who receives it.

Wardrobe Update

Whether you spring for a whole new wardrobe or simply pick up a few simple items, your child is sure to appreciate the effort that you made in picking up a back to school gift. Special gifts – especially when unexpected – motivate kids and let them know just how much they mean to you. So have fun with your gift and send your child back to school feeling excited about the fun and learning that lies ahead.

Locker Decorations

Celebrate your child going back to school with locker decorations, if you like! These can be fun and practical. Think mirrors, magnets, inspirational quotes, fun photos and posters, and miniature bulletin boards. Organizers and other items can help your child keep his or her locker tidy and looking good. Whether you choose a theme or select random items, it’s a good idea to keep your child’s taste in mind. This not only shows that you care deeply for them, it also shows that you respect their growing independence and sense of self.

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