2015 Back to School Gifts for Teachers

5 Perfect Back to School Gifts for Teachers

School is about to start again, and what better way to show appreciation to the teacher or teachers who will be playing an integral role in your child’s life throughout the year, than by giving a small, meaningful gift? While there are many wonderful back to school gifts for teachers, a few stand head and shoulders above the rest.

DIY Painted Mugs

Most teachers appreciate mugs – not just because they’re nice to drink from, but because they also make great containers for pens, pencils and other items. Today’s DIY painted mugs are nothing like the ones you may remember from your own childhood. Using special chalkboard paint, Porcelaine paint markers, or special paint sharpies (the regular kind comes off when washed!) You can create fantastic, meaningful mugs with kids’ names, fun designs and more. Make this back to school gift even more special by filling it with treats or tucking a gift card inside.

Personalized Calendar

A personalized desk calendar, complete with the teacher’s name and perhaps some inspirational words or quotes, makes a wonderful back to school gift. The flat pad-type calendar with weekly pages is a popular style, as it can sit right under other items while the teacher is working at his or her desk. If you can, find out when kids’ birthdays are and write them in as an added way to personalize. This adds a touch of fun to a very practical gift that’s sure to be appreciated.

Charm Bracelets

A simple bangle bracelet with charms is a fantastic back to school gift for a female teacher. Surprisingly inexpensive and wonderfully meaningful, this gift is one that will stand the test of time and allow the teacher to continue adding charms as the years go by.

Desk Supplies with Inspirational Quotes

Teachers’ desks can become pretty crowded, especially when the teacher is using a lot of different supplies gathered from here, there and everywhere. Why not help him or her get organized with some desk supplies that incorporate inspirational quotes? Whether you choose just one small item or an entire grouping, your thoughtfulness will surely be appreciated. If you’re not sure about what desk supplies the teacher will need, or you can’t find quotes you like, consider getting monogrammed desk supplies such as Post-it notes, pencils or pens with the teacher’s name on them. That way, the teacher will be able to lend pens and pencils out without worry. Put them in a practical, attractive container for added impact.

Teacher Candy Jar

A cute candy jar, perhaps with the teacher’s name or a personal message on it, makes a fantastic gift for back to school. Because it’s refillable, the teacher can choose what to put in it next, and thanks to the personalization, he or she is likely to enjoy keeping it in view. Instead of filling it with candy you think the teacher might like, fill it up with individually wrapped candies to give to kids. Simple fruit-flavored ones are ideal; avoid anything made with nuts, wheat or dairy to prevent an accident caused by contact with allergens.

Whether you select one of these gifts or a different one, be sure that you include a thoughtful note. It will take just a moment to write, and your words will be meaningful and memorable, perhaps helping to carry your child’s teacher through a stressful day.

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