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Monogram: More Than Just Your Name!

While monograms began as something completely personal, they can represent so much more than just your own name! In this quick guide, we’ll provide you with insight and new monogram ideas for making the most of personalized jewelry.

Monogram Jewelry for Couples

Whether looking for something for yourself or considering gift options for someone who is newly married or recently engaged, consider creating a special monogram that represents the love the couple shares. If you’d like to order monogram jewelry for a couple, place the first initial of the bride’s name to the left, the first initial of the groom’s name to the right, and the first initial of the couple’s shared last name in the center.

Mother, Daughter, and More

Children share an incredible bond with their parents, and favorites from our monogram necklace collection serve as the perfect way to express the love family members have for one another. A monogram necklace, earrings, bracelet, or ring is ideal for a family with one to three children. If creating a mom’s monogram necklace for a family with one child, position the last name in the center, and place mom’s first initial on one side and the child’s first initial on the other.

For a family with two children, place mom’s first initial in the center and one of the children’s first initials on each side. A mother’s monogram necklace in a family with three children typically features the first initial of each child’s name, perhaps in birth order. Of course, families with three or more children can choose other personalized jewelry options such a floating lockets, as these have much more room to include all family members.

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Friends and Loved Ones

No matter who your friends and loved ones are, you can easily express your bond by creating a special monogram that represents your friendship! Any meaningful letters can be included. To get started, check out monogram gift ideas for bridesmaids. The advice you find here can be applied to nearly any situation!

Treat Yourself

Celebrities are wearing lots of personalized jewelry these days, so why not hop onboard and add an initial necklace to your collection? Whether it’s your own initial or the initial of someone close to you, this look is simple, stylish, and so much fun.

Looking for additional insight? Check out our initials monogram guide for more!

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