Wearing Jewelry On the Beach

Is Wearing Jewelry On a Vacation a Good Idea?

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With summer holidays right around the corner and lots of people taking the opportunity to travel to exotic locations, the question of wearing jewelry on a vacation has come up. Is it a good idea to wear your most valuable jewelry on vacation, or should you substitute things like inexpensive cubic zirconia engagement and wedding rings and costume jewelry?

The Pros and Cons of Wearing Jewelry On a Vacation

Let’s face it: it feels great to wear jewelry. Our favorite pieces add sparkle and help us look our best, inspiring confidence and adding a special touch to even the plainest outfits in our closets. But what happens if you lose that diamond necklace or engagement ring, or are the victim of theft? Unless you’ve insured these items – and unless travel loss is covered – you’re running the risk of living without some of your favorites.

While it may just be safer to leave your most valuable items at home, it’s perfectly safe to add some sparkle to your outfits – no matter what your destination. Our suggestion for wearing jewelry on a vacation is to wear personalized jewelry when traveling. These items are beautiful and fun to wear, bridging the gap between valuable heirloom-quality items with precious gems and cheap imitations that are likely to fall apart before you’ve even had a chance to unpack.

The gold name necklace is a classic favorite that adds shine to your wardrobe and goes with nearly anything. These necklaces are fantastic for wearing anytime, and are among the best items to wear on vacation, as they are inexpensive. Name earrings are another favorite, as they are versatile and beautiful while being a low-cost alternative to diamond studs and other popular gemstone designs.

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One question that typically comes up when we talk about inexpensive gold jewelry is the potential for the development of tarnish. The truth about gold and tarnishing is that a bit of tarnish can happen even to the costliest items if care isn’t taken. The number one way to prevent your gold from tarnishing is to keep it away from water, so be sure to take it off when showering and before hopping into the pool or Jacuzzi! Luckily, caring for personalized jewelry is simple, and with proper attention, it will last through and beyond your upcoming vacation, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful look for years to come.

When all is said and done, wearing jewelry on a vacation is a fantastic idea, so long as it’s the right jewelry! A personalized piece transitions from one outfit to the next and while sentimental, is inexpensive to replace in the event of theft or loss.

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