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The term “Soccer Mom” was not uttered until the 1990s. When we hear the word, we envision mom’s behind the wheel of a minivan, chauffeuring her children from soccer practice to other after school activities. We pictured them baking cookies for scout meetings, getting grass stains out of uniforms, planning weekly meals, and giving unconditional love. But where did the term “soccer mom” come from?

Ever Wondered About the Meaning of a Soccer Mom?
A Presidential Election Creates the Soccer Mom Phenomenon
Until 1996, there was no term used to describe moms active in her kids’ lives. The name “soccer mom” came about when the Republican party, headed by Bob Dole, said that the democratic camp, led by Bill Clinton, was targeting a very specific demographic of middleclass working and stay-at-home moms living in the suburbs, “overburdened” from taking their kids to school and after-school activities, primarily in a minivan or some kind of SUV. The soccer mom was considered the key swing voter when it came to deciding the 1996 election. Even after the election, the nickname stuck. In fact, the Associated Press named soccer moms a phenomenon that will always be associated with 1996.
What Does a Soccer Mom Mean to Us
Soccer moms are not relevant only to the United States. Did you know that in Canada, the equivalent is called a hockey mom? Presumably it is because of the widespread popularity of the winter sport. And while the soccer mom meaning may have been originally derived out of politics, today the soccer mom meaning encompasses much more – it is a mom who cares about her children and their well-being. She makes sure they get to school on time as well as their various activities. They will be the ones on the sideline, snacks at the ready, cheering for her kids.
Let’s Hear it for the Soccer Moms
How about this time we reverse it and cheer for the soccer moms! No matter if she is a stay-at-home mom or not, here’s to the moms that supported us throughout all our endeavors, drove us to every single activity, and never missed a game! Give a gift in appreciation for your very own soccer mom! Soccer moms, we salute you!
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