My shopping experience with MyNameNecklace was awesome. Delivery was much faster than I expected which is a plus. I have recommended MyNameNecklace to several of my family members and friends.
Sherri D. - New Orleans, USA 2015

I enjoyed shopping with MyNameNecklace. Customer service was absolutely perfect, they are great with correspondence, answering any questions and correcting any issues.
Naja P. - Bronx, USA 2015


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While most women love the thought of getting chocolates for Valentine’s Day, the reality is that we often feel quite bad after eating them. The excitement and satisfaction is rather fleeting. It is time to ditch the traditional route of boxes of chocolate for something that will make a better everlasting impression.
This Valentine's Skip the Chocolate

Chocolate is Not Original
Did you know that heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolate have been around since 1861? While we should all thank Richard Cadbury for coming up with this once unique gift, it’s not exactly a new and original gift idea.
Share Something Else
The idea behind the box of chocolates is that you share it with your significant other. But maybe you can share something else, something that makes a great memory that you will always have, such as a hot air balloon ride, a weekend trip to the city, or even a hike in a local park.
No One Ever Eats the Whole Box
When you get a Whitman Sampler or any other brand of assorted chocolates, there are always the ones you don’t eat, and they end up just sitting there. You feel bad about throwing them out, since they were a gift, but who likes the chocolate covered coconut ones anyway?
Chocolates are Actually Quite Expensive
You wouldn’t think so but a decent box of chocolates can run you a pretty penny. Spend that money on making a nice candlelight dinner at home instead. It will be much more appreciated.
Chocolate is Full of Unwanted Calories
Chocolate is notorious for having large calorie counts. And while chocolate always tastes good, spend the calories on a different aphrodisiac such as oysters or strawberries and whipped cream.
Personalized Jewelry is Always the Best Gift
Because unlike chocolate, there is no expiration date on a beautiful personalized necklace. The recipient is sure to love and cherish it forever and ever.
Give her the gift of personalized love jewelry for Valentine’s Day!

Surprise Her With a Gift

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