Safe Online Christmas Shopping

Guide to Safe Online Christmas Shopping

While Christmas is all about family, love, fires, milk, cookies and cheer… we also know it is very much about shopping! While some enthusiastic start their list making with the early bird special, most of us our Christmas gift and Christmas budget won’t be decided until well into late September, beginning of October. Deciding who you want to shop for (everybody!) is the easy part, but deciding exactly what you want to gift (personalized Christmas gifts of course) and working along the lines of a strict budget is the real challenge! Online shopping has opened up the door to huge Christmas gifting potential. Not only do you not have to deal with crowded parking lots and long waiting cues at the register, but you can also have the perfect gift delivered right to your doorstep! As your token online shopping pros we have created the ultimate guide to safe online shopping this Christmas.
  1. Make Your List ASAP

    Want to avoid the craziness of last minute shopping? Two simple words: Buy Early. Waiting until the last minute results in less-than-thoughtful gifts (you just want to get the shopping done and over with) and over-spending (you grab whatever you can without looking at the price). And if you are shopping online, last minute means spending extra in express delivery charges to get your order ready to go under the tree by Christmas Eve. Plan ahead and start shopping early. Remember, the early bird gets the worm…or in this case, the good deals!

  2. Only Shop at Secure Online Locations

    Online shopping has opened up a world of possibilities, allowing us to access even more locations and products than ever before, all being delivered straight to our wreath encrusted door. It is essential when shopping online; no matter if you are using PayPal, your credit card, or entering bank information that the website is secure. Secure sites make sure to encrypt their transaction details. If you see an “s” after “http” at the beginning of the website URL, you can rest assured you are shopping safely online. If you scroll down to the bottom of the website, you should see an icon denoting it is a safe website. Safe shopping is happy shopping!

  3. Look Up Shipping Deadlines

    The last thing you want is to buy a gift without clearly checking the shipping details before, and have it come after December 24th. Always look on the website to see if they are still offering guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas. Don’t hesitate to contact customer care about this. Here is a rule of thumb for you: Most websites stop guaranteeing delivery around the 10th to 17th of December. It is best to get your gift shopping in before that deadline.

  4. Sometimes All You Need is a Gift Card

    We all have hard-to-shop-for people on our Christmas lists. Don’t bang your head against the table trying to think of the perfect gift. Sometimes all it takes is a gift card. Gift cards are easy to redeem and allow the recipient to get what they want. This saves you from buying something that will either collect dust in storage or be re-gifted later on.

Any Christmas gift guide will tell you to have a few extra gifts stowed somewhere. Sometimes people sprout up at the last minute. It is best to have a few gifts ready to give to an unexpected guest, a new coworker, or for someone’s plus-one at your Christmas party. These gifts can be ready in a minute.

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