Which Monogram Size is Right for You?

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Monogram necklaces are everywhere! No one can deny the popularity of this personalized accessory! All our favorite celebs are including them in their style, including Beyonce and Rhianna! Of course you want to get one that fits you perfectly!

With such a huge selection of monogrammed necklaces to choose from in a variety of sizes, it can be quite overwhelming to select just the right monogram necklace for you or for a Christmas jewelry gift, a mother jewelry gift or to someone special! That is why we have opted to provide you with a little bit of sizing information to help your decision so much easier!

Monogram Necklace Size Chart

XS Monogram Necklace

Our collection of XS monogram necklaces is our most subtle and dainty monograms to date. Approximately the size of a dime, our XS monogram collection is a little bit less than half an inch. Not only do these make for great bridesmaids gifts, but they are also perfect for little fashionistas out there who want to get in on the monogram trend! It is never too early to wear a monogram!

XS Monogram
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Small Monogram Necklace

If XS is a little too small for you, then our Small Monogram Necklace may be just right! While the XS is approximately the size of a dime, this one is closer to a nickel. Measuring at half an inch, this monogrammed accessory is perfect for professionals looking to spice up their boring business suit with a small personalized monogram that isn't too overt.

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Celebrity Monogram Necklace

Our Celebrity Monogram Necklace is what you would say is our "regular sized" monogram. It is right under an inch and is perfect for day-to-day wear! A bit smaller than the bottom portion of a nail polish bottle, many enjoy this monogram necklace because it is big enough to be noticed while still looking demure!

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Large Monogram Necklace

Want to be large and in charge? No one can miss your initials with our large monogram . At 1.2 inches, it is the same size as a U.S. Half Dollar coin. It is the first of three large sized monograms that can be worn on many occasions, day and night.

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XL Monogram Necklace

Our original large sized monogram the XL monogram necklaceis sized at 1.5 inches, just a bit bigger than the large monogram. If you are looking for a necklace to make a splash, this is perfect. Monogram lovers everywhere will want this necklace.

XL Monogram
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XXL Monogram Necklace

If you want the ultimate in personalized statement jewelry, our XXL Monogram Necklace is just the ticket for you! The largest of our monogram collection, the XXL monogram is two inches. The size is similar to those sample perfume tubes every woman loves to get! This monogram will definitely get heads to spin! Show off who you are in a big way!

XXL Statement
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