The Meaning of Horseshoe Jewelry

The Meaning of Horseshoe Jewelry

Horseshoe jewelry has become quite popular over the last few years. To many, the horseshoe is a symbol of good luck and protection. It has become a very superstitious symbol dating very far back to a blacksmith and his dealings with the devil. The story goes that the devil asked the blacksmith attach horseshoes to his hooved feet. The blacksmith did as he was told, nailing the horseshoes to the feet. However, it caused the devil a lot of pain and the blacksmith would only remove them if the devil promised never to enter a home where there was a horseshoe hanging. Today, everyone is wearing a horseshoe to protect them from evil and negative energy. But let's take a further look into the history surrounding the superstitions!

Horseshoes and Protection

Horseshoes are all about protection. Throughout the Middle Ages there was a belief that witches and evil spirits had a fear of horses, primarily the horseshoes as they were made of iron and iron withstands fire. The coffins of buried witches had a horseshoe nailed to it to prevent them from resurrecting. In another tale, before the Chaldeans, in ancient Europe, the horseshoe's crescent shape was a representation of moon goddesses, who protected believers from the evil eye by providing good luck and protection.

How to Hang Your Horseshoe

Common practice from the early times until today has been to hang a horseshoe over the entrance to a home (or in the case of sailors, it was attached to the ship's foremast) to bring those living under the roof good luck and ward off evil spirits. By hanging the symbol, bad luck and evil are prevented from entering. (For sailors, it also ensured a safe arrival to their destination.) However, there has always been a bit of a debate on the proper way to hang a horseshoe. Many believe that it should be hung in a "U" shape. All the good luck would then stay inside the curve of the shoe. They believe that if it is hung upside down, all the good fortune and protective powers would fall out. But, there are those who choose to hang it the other way, believing that when you walk under it, all the positive vibes will "rain over" them.

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