What do Intertwined Hearts Mean?

What Do Intertwined Hearts Mean?

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The cliche goes that some people wear their heart on their sleeve. But what about wearing your heart around your neck or wrist? Today, heart jewelry is a major fashion statement. This beautiful pendant makes a statement that your heart belongs to someone, someone has your heart, or you have special beliefs in your heart. But maybe your heart doesn't belong to one person or feeling, but two, even three! That is when intertwined hearts jewelry can be the best accessory for you!

Heart Symbol Meaning

The heart design is a very symbolic image that denotes affection and romantic adoration and love. The heart design used alongside the metaphor for the symbol was first developed at the conclusion of the Middle Ages. The first known depiction of the heart symbol was seen in the middle thirteenth century in a French manuscript.

Since the 1800s, the heart symbol has primarily been exclusively used to symbolize romantic love. We see it a lot throughout pop culture, including heart shaped boxes filled with chocolate and all over cards for Valentine’s Day. It is also used in the popular New York logo “I ? NY,” originated in 1977, to show love for the state. Hearts are also used as symbols to depict number of lives in popular video games. In restaurants, the symbol is used to denote foods that are “heart-healthy.”

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What is the Meaning of Intertwined Hearts

Okay so we know what one heart means, but what about the meaning of intertwined hearts? Most people believe that more than one heart intertwined has the same meaning as joined circles – love is never ending. Other meanings similar to this include togetherness and complete unity. This symbol reflects the idea of two people forever in union. For parents, more than one heart symbolizes complete love and affection toward each child.

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