The Meaning of Side Cross Jewelry

The Meaning of Side Cross Jewelry

Kelly Ripa has been seen wearing one on television, Jessica Biel has been photographed wearing hears while walking around, and other big celebrity names, including Jennifer Lopez and Kourtney Kardashian have all been witnessed sporting a a side cross necklace a time or two. Side cross jewelry is a new fashion trend that takes the traditional Latin Cross and situates it horizontally rather than the vertical manner most people are familiar with.

What is the Symbolism of the Side Cross?

When the fashion trend first came out, many people were a bit concerned about the orientation of the cross and if it is offensive. The cross is a highly respected and sacred symbol of Christianity and, therefore, should only be depicted in its vertical position. However, many speaking about the side cross today believe it is a new, unique take on this beautiful symbol. It is seen as a new, artistic view of faith. And while some wearers do not infuse this accessory with any symbolic meaning, there are many associated with the side cross.

Many attach a detailed meaning to the horizontal cross - it is a symbol of Jesus finishing his work. Having obtained his peoples' salvation, he has laid down his cross. Another symbolic view is that a cross lies horizontal when someone is carrying it on their shoulders. As well, the side cross can show one’s readiness for the coming of God, with the cross facing Him at Final Judgement.

Some people take a more humanistic approach when viewing the meaning behind the side cross necklace. To these people, the horizontal cross symbolizes representation on earth and this is where life is lived. As well, the cross on its side is a symbol of humanity living between heaven and hell.

Other Places to See a Side Cross

Jewelry is not the only place where there are side crosses. Some tombstones have sideways crosses to represent the resurrection of the soul. Many flags around the globe also feature a horizontal cross, including many countries also feature a horizontal cross, including Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. In the end, just like any other piece of jewelry, the side cross necklace means whatever the wearer would like it to mean. And at MyNameNecklace, we make it even more meaningful by providing an opportunity to engrave the side cross pendant. You can put a name, date, or even your favorite Bible chapter on the pendant and keep it with you always. With many styles and types to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect side cross accessory here.

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