All About White Gold Jewelry

All About White Gold Jewelry

Undoubtedly you have heard of the most popular kind of gold – yellow gold. But a ‘flavor’ of gold that is getting more and more attention is white gold. For those men and women who are not a fan of the yellow tint, this type of gold is colored just like its name, white. And today, white gold jewelry is extremely popular. It is not only used for fashion jewelry, but many women (and men) are opting for white gold wedding rings.

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No such thing as white gold?

There is actually no such thing in nature as white gold. The only gold mined is yellow gold. White gold is made up of the same properties as yellow gold, but is mixed with various metal alloys to give it the white color. White metal contains zinc, platinum, or nickel. (If you are allergic to nickel, it is imperative to first ask the jeweler what the white gold is mixed with prior to purchase). The karat weight system is the same for yellow and white gold. To increase the white sheen even further, white gold is plated with an additional alloy, such as rhodium. This helps to enhance the overall appearance of the piece of jewelry

Why Choose White Gold?

White gold was created to provide a different look to jewelry. Those who love silver jewelry items, white gold jewelry is the best possible choice. White gold looks beautiful with various gemstones, including sapphires and clear crystals. And when you mix white gold and yellow gold (known as “two-tone jewelry”), the effect it makes is quite striking.
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