How to wear cufflinks

All you ever wanted to know about cufflinks

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Did you know that cufflinks predate buttons, zippers, safety pins, and Velcro? And while all these advancements have taken over since the creation of this fabulous men’s accessory, cufflinks are still very popular. They provide a creative outlet for men to add some style and even a personalized touch to their business suit. And with a variety of styles, including Monogrammed Rhodium Cufflinks, they are now a great way to support one’s favorite sport’s team or even show off a well-enjoyed hobby.

History of the Cufflinks

Cufflinks were first created sometime in the sixteenth to seventeenth century but were not really preferred as men used ribbons to tie their shirt cuffs. It wasn’t until the nineteenth century that cufflinks started to become popular. This was due to men’s fashion shifting from jewels and wigs to a more puritanical look. Men preferred more sober attire with minimal yet tasteful embellishments. The primary embellishment used – the cufflinks. And whereas at first they were only available for the wealthy aristocrats, by the Industrial Revolution, machines offered cufflinks that the average man could afford.

The earliest cufflink was its most basic form – two metal plates attached by a chain. As time progressed, coupled with new materials and designs and the changing taste in men’s fashion, the style of cufflinks changed. Today it is easy to spot the different periods in terms of cufflinks, including the Victorian Era, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Mid Century Modernist.

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How to Wear Cufflinks

Cufflinks cannot be used with ordinary button down dress shirts, but ones with French or double cuffs. The reason is that these cuffs are longer and they do not have holes and buttons, making them perfect for cufflinks. Once the shirt is on, the cuffs need to be folded back to create a neat, even line right at the end of the sleeve. Then, hold the open edges together to lay flat along the wrist. After, just line up the holes and then place the cufflink and secure it. There are many different types of closures cufflinks can have,

including whale back closures, bullet back closures (which is the most common variety), fixed backings, and ball returns. It is always good to figure out how to open and close the cufflinks before attaching them to the cuff.

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