All About Collar Stays

All About Collar Stays

Did you ever want to know what’s under a man’s collar that makes it look so good? The answer is simple – collar stays! After time, a man’s collar starts to lose its “starchiness,” and becomes sad looking. Yes, collars can be ironed, but throughout the day, the collar will lose its shape and no longer look as good. Collar stays are a unique invention perfect for men! They stabilize the points of a dress shirt collar, ensuring that the collar stays crisp. If you want the collar of your shirt to look like you just bought it, these are perfect! And while some clothing manufacturers offer plastic ones with purchase, over time they warp, break, and are no longer useful.

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But how do collar stays work? It is the secret of what’s hidden underneath your collar. Under the collar is the little pocket where you can easily slip in the stay. It instantly transforms the collar from drab to crisp, clean, and ready for the office.

At MyNameNecklace, we offer our own variety of collar stays. Made out of 0.925 Sterling Silver, these stays are sure to retain their shape and always be useful. And, as a personalized touch, you can get these collar stays monogrammed with up to three initials of your choice! These stays are a perfect jewelry gift for Christmas, from birthday to anniversary, to Father’s Day or even a gift celebrating a promotion at work!

We have lots of accessories for men at MyNameNecklace aside from collar stays, including monogrammed cufflinks, dog tags, and ID bracelets. Check out our men’s section!

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