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How to buy a monogram online - My Name Necklace

How To Buy A Monogram Online

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Move over Carrie Bradshaw and your iconic name necklace, there is a new personalized jewelry trend hitting the streets -monogram jewelry. It is one of the hottest styles out there! A monogram pendant offers an extra touch of personalization to any ensemble you pick out of your closet! You know you need to have at least one in your jewelry box! And at My Name Necklace, we wanted to make the process of ordering a monogram online as easy as possible for you!

Step One: Decide What Kind of Monogram You Want?

We have all different types of monograms online, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, even earrings. And for men, we offer some really great looking monogrammed cufflinks. What kind of monogram accessory are you looking for? At the top of our website, there is a drop down menu under “Monogram Collection” where you can find a breakdown of the different jewelry categories. Or you can scroll over our entire collection until something really catches your eye!

Step Two: Pick Something from Our Monogram Collection ?

Are you looking for a big statement piece, like our XXL Monogram, or are you after something a bit more dainty, such as our XS Silver Monogram Necklace? Do you want our original style monogram ring or does our special signet monogrammed ring fit your personality better? With such a wide variety of monogram accessories to choose from, you are sure to find something that suits not only your style, but also your budget!

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Step Three: Give Us Your Initials ?

Obviously, no monogram is complete without your initials! What initials would you like on your monogram? Take a look at our handy-dandy Monogramming Initials Guide to figure out exactly how you want your monogram to look!

Preview your monogram

One popular monogram style is to forgo the initials and opt instead for a three letter word or abbreviation! How about BOO or WTF on a monogram?! It is all possible! And make sure you head on over to our monogram preview tool to see how your monogram will look on your necklace!

Step Four: Make Sure Everything is Correct Before Placing Your Order!

Before clicking "Add to Cart," make sure the letters of your monogram are in the exact order you want them to be. Also be sure to select the right chain length! Once you send your order through, keep an eye on your mailbox because your new monogram piece will be to you shortly! Buying just the right monogram online has never been so easy. If you are wondering if it is time to treat yourself to monogram jewelry, the answer is most definitely yes!

Check Out Our Monogram Collection!

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