Solid Gold vs Gold Plated: What is the Difference?

What woman out there doesn't love gold accessories?! Gold is a beautiful precious metal that can be used to create some of the most amazing pieces of jewelry. Today, we can turn gold jewelry into different colors, accentuate the sheen with gemstones, and offer a variety of finishes to really make it stand out. However, due to the high price tag associated with solid gold jewelry, many people look for a different option that will still allow them to wear gold, but at a less expensive price. Ever wondered what people were talking about when they discussed solid gold and gold plated jewelry? At MyNameNecklace you will find two different types of personalized gold jewelry available - Solid Gold and Gold Plated.

Solid Gold Jewelry

Solid gold is just how it sounds - the jewelry is made from nothing but gold material. If you love the look and feel of gold, this is a great choice. The highest purity you can have is 24k gold, it has a 99.9 percent level of purity. But this also means it is super-soft and can break easily.

Therefore, gold is typically mixed with other materials. While this lowers the purity a bit, most popular being 18k (75.0 percent pure), it makes the gold stronger and able to hold its shape. Even if mixed with other materials, the lower purity solid gold items are still considered just that, solid gold. We make our solid gold name necklaces and jewelry in 14k Pure Gold, which makes it both durable and suited for everyday use. And while you can wear solid gold in the shower and when exercising, it is not recommended because the gold can lose its shine.

18k Gold-Plated Silver Carrie Name Necklace Celebrity Monogram Necklace in 18k Gold Plating

Gold Plated Jewelry

If you love gold jewelry but can't afford the high prices, gold plated may be the perfect option for you. With this option, 0.925 Sterling Silver is plated with a thin amount of gold. It doesn't really increase the thickness of the piece of jewelry but gives it the color shine that many gold enthusiasts are looking for, but without having to break the bank. With personalized gold plated necklace and other gold plated accessories, it is not recommended to go in a shower with it or swim in a pool/body of water because the chemicals can cause the gold to eventually wear off.

Which One Do You Choose?

Solid gold jewelry is very valuable and can be a great investment. However, because gold is so delicate and can get scratched over time, some individuals may feel as though it is not worth the investment, especially if the piece is to be worn daily. Gold plated jewelry does not carry the hefty price tag of solid gold jewelry and is a great compromise for those who want a beautiful piece of gold jewelry within a budget.

Also, if you are looking to buy a trendy piece that may fall out of fashion in the future, gold plated is often the way to go. But keep in mind, eventually gold jewelry (solid and plated) can begin to tarnish after time. However, with proper care, the tarnish can be very minimal and not happen for years.

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