Solid Gold vs Gold Plated: What's the Difference?

Solid Gold vs. Gold Plated: What is the Difference?
Go bold with gold as gold is in and is an essential addition to anyone’s everyday style. But- what is the difference between gold-plated and solid gold jewelry? At My Name Necklace we provide the options to experiment with two types of personalized gold jewelry; solid gold and gold plated. Discover the difference between the two different types of gold and determine which jewelry suits you best!
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Solid Gold Jewelry

Solid gold is the most valuable form of jewelry and must be taken care of properly. Its purity is expressed as karats or carats, with its purest form being 24 carats. A 24 carat gold piece is too soft to wear, therefore it is alloyed with a base metal for durability and strength. Solid gold is very valuable as it does not tarnish or fade and will hold its value with a lifetime guarantee. Solid gold name necklaces and other solid gold-accessories can be worn in the shower and while exercising but is not recommended as the gold may lose its shine.

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Gold Plated Jewelry

Gold plated jewelry, a more affordable option, is made of a very thin layer of gold on a base metal of sterling silver. Sterling silver is used as a base as it has the most durability to last longer. Sterling silver that is plated in gold may also be referred to as “vermeil”. With personalised gold-plated necklaces and other gold-plated accessories, it is not recommended to take a shower or swim at the pool/body of water because the chemicals can cause the gold to eventually wear off.

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Which Do You Choose?

There are pros and cons to both metals, solid gold is the most valuable, durable, and can be a marvelous investment, yet is more expensive than plated metals. Gold plated designs are a more affordable options and works as very beautiful pieces to easily pair with a daily outfit. Although, gold plated jewelry does require more care as it can tarnish over time, but with the proper maintenance you may enjoy your gold plated jewelry for years to come. As well, if you are searching for an ‘of the moment’ trend piece that may not be in fashion in the future, gold plated pieces are a fantastic choice.

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