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One of the best ways to add a little bit of bling to your personalized name necklace is to add a birthstone. These gemstones have been around for centuries and are praised for their high quality as well as their beautiful look. They add color and shine, and elevate a name necklace from ordinary to something a little extraordinary.

What Do Our Birthstones Mean

We receive numerous orders daily at MyNameNecklace for our beautiful birthstone name necklace in silver and in gold, as well as our engraved jewelry with birthstones. A majority of our customers like to incorporate their birthstone on the necklace, as a further way of stating, “This is me, and this is who I am.” However, you don’t necessarily need to use your exact birthstone. Rather, you can choose your favorite color, a gemstone that holds special meaning, or because you like what this stone stands for. Here, we are going to take you through the meaning behind these birthstones!

January: Garnet

Garnets are considered a stone of truth and purity, and are often a symbol of compassion and love. If you have a business that could strive to be more successful, place a garnet in your office. If you are feeling depressed, go to sleep with a garnet under your pillow. Wearing garnets are said to make a person more popular and build their self-esteem.

February: Amethyst

Ancient Egyptians wore amethysts to protect them against fearful and guilty emotions. Since then, it has been worn for protection against self-deception. This stone symbolizes spiritual wisdom, piety, sincerity, and humility. (This is why Catholic bishops wear them.) Amethysts are often known as the dream stone and used to help those suffering from insomnia. Placing an amethyst under your pillow will bring about pleasant dreams. Rub this stone across your forehead to relieve headaches.

March: Aquamarine

If you are looking to get in touch with your spiritual being, aquamarines can help. Because of its color, it is known as the “Water of the Sea” and was considered the stone of the sailors because it provided protection to them when on the water. It is also said that aquamarines protect the wearer against gossip.

Click for Aquamarine birthstone meaning.

April: Diamond (Clear Crystal)

Diamonds are one of the hardest gemstones and one of the most valued. They are a symbol of loyalty and innocence, which is why diamonds are the stone of choice for engagement rings. And while diamonds don’t offer any of their own healing properties, it is said they increase the energy of other gemstones in terms of healing.

May: Emerald

The emerald is the sacred stone of the Roman goddess Venus as it was thought this stone preserved love. If you give your significant other an emerald, it is said they will remain faithful. The emerald is considered to be the symbol of hope and prophesy. Wearing emeralds can help ease a troubled mind and offer tranquility. It is also said this stone brings the wearer wisdom and reason.

June: Pearl

Pearls are one of the oldest known stones in existence. For many, many centuries it was considered to be the most valuable stone available. They are called “teardrops of the moon” because of certain cultural origin stories. They are considered symbols of innocence and purity, which is why many brides wear pearl jewelry or sew pearls into their dress.

July: Ruby

Of all the gemstones around, rubies are said to be the most powerful. If you own a ruby, you will have peace and fulfillment. Rubies will ward off bad dreams when placed under pillows and when worn on the left hand, rubies offer protection. When given as a gift, rubies signify love and eternal friendship. This gemstone is also the symbol of royalty and vitality..

Click for Ruby birthstone meaning.

August: Peridot

During ancient times, peridots were considered a gift from Mother Nature, which accounts for their earthy colors. It is said that a person with too many earthly problems is not able of understand the beauty of this stone. Napoleon once gifted Josephine a peridot as a symbol of everlasting admiration and love. When worn in a necklace, peridots protect against negative emotions.

September: Sapphire

In Greek, Sapphires mean “Blue.” This gemstone is called the “Stone of Destiny” and contributes to mental perception and clarity. It is also said this gemstone can aid in the promotion of financial rewards. (In other words, help you get rich!) Sapphires are a symbol of heaven as well as one’s joyful devotion to God.

October: Rose Quartz

The rose quartz is known as the universal love stone. Marriages will have more fire and sparkle if this gemstone is left under the pillow. It also increases feelings of self-worth when worn, making the wearer feel worthy of love. Rose quartz also opens the heart to accepting love and helps in all matters regarding love. It is also said this gemstone rejuvenates the skin and makes people look younger. If you wash your face in rose quartz-charged water, it will fade out wrinkles.

November: Yellow Topaz

The color of the yellow topaz is associated with the harvest, planting season, as well as fertility of life. This gemstone can bring comfort and stability when placed in a home. According to Ancient Egyptian lore, wearing a yellow topaz can provide security and protection. It can provide serenity and empathy, encourage forgiveness and relieve tension, and foster an atmosphere of harmony.

December: Blue Topaz

The blue topaz is a symbol of peace and tranquility. It promotes relaxation and harmony and can aid in healing hurt feelings and frayed nerves. Sleep with a blue topaz by your side and it will protect against nightmares. Taking an important test? This gemstone improved concentration and focus. The blue topaz symbolizes emotional attachment and honesty among friends and lovers.

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