Ways to Wear Initial Jewelry

Style it! Ways to Wear Initial Jewelry

In a world where many people wear popular styles with similar looks, personalized jewelry sets the wearer apart. At My Name Necklace, we offer many unique pieces – yet initial jewelry remains popular. People love these beautiful rings, bracelets and necklaces for their simplicity and versatility, as well as their ability to act as conversation starters. We hope you enjoy these tips on styling and wearing custom jewelry with initials.

Try Wearing Your Own Initial

When it comes to customized jewelry, initial and name necklaces are favorites! Wearing your own first or last initial is a wonderful way to celebrate an important milestone, provide yourself with encouragement, or remind yourself to stick to your goals. A diamond initial necklace makes a classic style statement that you can be proud of.

Wear Your Significant Other’s Initial

One of the hottest ways to wear initial necklaces? Just like Chloe Grace Moretz and Taylor Swift, you can show how much you love your significant other by wearing their initial. A personalized initial bracelet looks lovely on its own or paired with other bracelets. Try wearing it with an infinity bracelet or a couple’s heart charm bracelet for even more significance, or choose a style that incorporates elements like infinity symbols and hearts.

Celebrate Family with Kids Initials

There’s no sweeter way to keep loved ones close than by wearing something that reminds you of them each time you look at it. Initial rings are perfect for celebrating your children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews. Easy to wear on their own and fun to stack, they come in a variety of styles to suit your unique taste. Whether you prefer birthstones, monograms, or a combination of features, you’ll love wearing these meaningful rings.

Stack and Layer Personalized Jewelry

Delicate jewelry looks amazing on its own, but it’s even more stylish when worn in layers. Choose pieces in different lengths and even in different colors to add exciting dimensionality to your everyday look.

The Monogram Trend

Monogram jewelry has been popular for centuries, but that hasn’t stopped designers from reinventing the look! New three-dimensional styles, stunning bangle bracelets, and exquisite disc jewelry are just a few of our favorites. Just like other personalized jewelry, you can style these pieces in a way that’s most meaningful to the person who will be wearing them. Initials are most popular, but you can create monograms with the first letters of loved ones’ names, the first letters of your pets’ names, or even the first letters of a trio of words that hold a special meaning. While the look is classic, you can make a monogram mean anything you like! Our monogram necklace collection is the perfect place to find inspiration for a look that’s all your own.

Which initial necklaces are your favorites? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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