Best Friends Forever Necklaces

Best Friends Forever Necklaces

Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex and the City fame said it best – Best friends are like four leaf clovers; hard to find and lucky to have. A best friend (or two or three) is important to have, they are that person you go to when times are rough, that person you laugh with, cry with, and enjoy life with. A best friend is the person whose hands you put your life in because you know they will always be there to protect you.

Everyone knows how important best friends are. They are the people we grab coffee with, shop with, and they are our number one choice for gym buddies. They are also the ones we share our secrets with, are most comfortable with, and remain most connected to. They provide unconditional support during the toughest of times (such as losing a job, breaking up, or even just not fitting into your favorite pair of jeans), they have seen us at our best (and conversely, the worst), and they give the honest criticism we need, whether it is how bad we look in our outfit, or our choice of new boyfriend. Isn't it time to celebrate your bff in the best way possible? That is why we suggest a personalized best friends necklace from MyNameNecklace!

Get Your BFF a Special, Personalized Gift

The term "BFF" to describe "Best Friends Forever" has been used since the mid 1980s but didn't gain popularity until the beginning of the twenty-first century. If you have a BFF and want to show them how much they mean to you, you should get them a best friends forever necklace. it is not only a token of appreciation and love, but it is a special personalized gift. No matter how far away you may move from each other in the future, whenever you look at your half of the necklace set, you will instantly think of them and all the good times you shared.

Traditionally, the BFF necklace comes in a heart that is broken in half, allowing each person to wear half of the heart. However, today it doesn't need to be one half of a heart, buy maybe two puzzle pieces that fit together (like best friends!), the Yin Yang symbol, or even matching angel wing necklaces or bar necklaces. Don't forget that you can get matching personalized keychains as well! On each of these necklaces you have the ability to engrave each of your names. Don't want to do names? That is okay! You can also do nicknames, a special date, or even a word or place - the goal is to engrave something that is memorable.

No one knows you better in this word than a best friend. The connection between best friends is the strongest there is. And these personalized necklaces for best friends is the perfect way to show off that bond. A best friends necklace is the perfect way to thank your best friend for everything they have done for you. And it is a special keepsake that you will treasure for years and years, always thinking about your best friend whenever you look at it!

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