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4 Gift Ideas for New Moms

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It is never easy to find the perfect gifts for new moms. Many questions arise when trying to find the right present; do you select something sentimental or something practical, do you buy a small gesture or a large gift, or do you buy something for now or something that will last. Flowers are nice but they are overdone. And chances are, new moms have enough baby 'stuff' stockpiled to last through three or four pregnancies. The answer is never simple, but hopefully these ideas will help you in your selection process.

Gift Ideas for New Moms
Television Subscriptions
Midnight feedings can often lead to a new mom spending half the night awake. It would not be so bad if there were actually things on television. And for moms who do not like afternoon talk shows and soap operas, there is little to stimulate on television. A Netflix or Hulu Plus membership can do wonders for any new mom. She can catch up on her favorite shows, watch movies without having to leave the house, and just relax a bit more.
Personalized Keepsakes
For something that is not only sentimental but also something that can be held onto for years and years, take a gander at personalized jewelry for moms. A personalized piece of mothers jewelry is perfect as it provides new moms with a way to keep their child close to them at all times, even if they are not physically present. From heart charm bracelets to children charm necklaces, there are many new mom gifts to choose from!
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Fun Time Bag
The life of a new mom is filled with just that...being a new mom. She often does not have time to even think about pampering herself. A great new mom gift idea is to create a gift bag full of things a mom would love that she can have for herself. This can include tasty treats, trashy romance novels, gossip magazines, home mani-pedi kits, and anything else she may want to indulge in but cannot find the time to get herself.
Home Cooked Meals
Any new mom will admit that when the baby is born, recipe books tend to take a back seat to takeout menus and fast food. Yes, home cooked meals are always preferable, but with a finicky baby, it is not always possible. Friends and family should think about providing oven ready dishes. All the new mom has to do is pop it out of the refrigerator or freezer and throw it in the oven. There are even catering companies that are designed especially for sending ready made meals to new moms. If a person cannot cook but wants to contribute, look into one of these new mom catering services.
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