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The Rules to Selecting the Perfect Wedding Gift

When you get a wedding invitation in the mail, the first thing people think about is not what they are doing on that date or how formal the event will be, but it is inevitably what kind of gift to get the new married couple. The question “What should I give” has been around for centuries, and over this time, people are stumped. Brains tend to run the gamut of questions, like “How many people are going to buy them dinner sets” and “Is giving money considered impersonal or smart?” And while a monogram necklace with the couple’s new initials or a name necklace declaring that the Miss is now a Mrs., are great personalized gift options, it is also important to look for gifts that couples can take advantage of in their married life together. Here are five basic rules to live by when it comes to buying a wedding gift.

Rule #1: Don’t Ignore the Registry Websites

Yes, that really artistic plate looks good and may be really nice, in theory, but a new married couple makes a registry list for a reason – these are items they need to start their lives together. Over 80% of brides and grooms want their guests to buy them items off their registry, which is why they take the time to make them. And with the beautiful invention that is the internet, you do not need to walk into stores to physically find the list. Most brides and grooms will send a website list of where they are registered right in their wedding invite and these places can be accessed right online!

Rule #2: You Can’t Go Wrong with Kitchen, Bath, and Bed Related Gifts

Yes, that really artistic plate looks good and may be really nice, in theory, but a new married couple makes a registry list for a reason – these are items they If you are having trouble deciding on what kind of gift to make, a new appliance, stainless steel flatware, or bath gifts that will transform a regular bathroom into a spa are great ways to go. You can always build up a gift. For example, create a basket with nice towels, fluffy robes, and candles for a really nice bathroom experience. Or, another example would be a really nice set of pots and pans along with a “Kiss the Chef” apron and a cookbook.

Rule #3: Don’t Go By Cost per Plate as a Guide for How Much to Spend

The wedding couple should not be “penalized” with receiving a small gift just because their event is small and casual. Rather, spend what you think is appropriate for the new couple. It is a good rule of thumb to spend at least $50 per couple.

Rule #4: Go in with People for a Large Gift

Let’s face it – married couples love big-ticket items – these are items they cannot afford on their own and put them on the registry in hopes someone can get it for them. And maybe you want to get them that KitchenAid Mixer or high thread-count bedding set, but can’t afford it on your own. However, you can always ask fellow guests to go in on the gift with you.

Rule #5: Have the Gift Sent Straight to the Just Married Couple

Online shopping for wedding gifts is super convenient. And after buying something on a registry you can opt to have it sent to you or the newlyweds. It is best to send them straight away. No married couple, at the end of their wedding, wants to worry about packing up large gifts or having someone watch the gifts during the night so they don’t get damaged. Just have them sent to their address. It will be a lovely surprise to the newlyweds to receive it and you don’t have to worry about wrapping it! But still bring a card to the wedding filled with your well wishes for the new couple!

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