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Whether we love them or not, jewelry featuring our names is back and bigger than ever! Monograms, Initials, Loved one’s names; these will make a mark on anyone!

Small 18k Gold-Plated Silver Name Necklace

What's in a name? that which we call a rose;By any other name would smell as sweet;

William Shakespeare, “Romeo and Juliet”Names have been part of society since the dawn of man and have taken on new types of meanings in different cultures around the globe.

While most people stick with their given names, some people have taken to the extreme process of changing their name due to a variety of reasons. Other people have added their own middle, as famously told by comedian Adam Lakers Carolla.

But those who really like their names are fond of jewelry bearing their names, whether it is a name necklace, a name on a grain of rice, and old heirloom with the family emblem, or an engraved pendant. Even if the name is generic and possibly even meaningless, people love wearing it because it is theirs!

From Ancient Egypt to Manhattan

One of the early instances of using names on jewelry was in ancient Egypt, where rings with seals were used to mark documents from people in prestigious parts of society. Originally made from bone in the Byzantine period, metal become the dominant material from which to make these rings later on.

Everyone knows the television show “Sex and the City” and Carrie’s love of her personalized Carrie name necklace.

In one of the most iconic scenes in this show, Carrie Bradshaw loses her gold name necklace while wandering around Paris, France. Her boyfriend tries to appease the loss with a 50k diamond necklace, much more expensive than the Carrie necklace she misplaced, but that necklace is more than just a regular piece of jewelry.

It represents her independence, her lifestyle in NYC, and her small circle of close friends. Losing it reminds her of how much she has strayed, and when she eventually finds the necklace, she decides to move back to her true roots in Manhattan. Years after the show ended, many people are still wearing a similar necklace with their own name, trying to recreate their own Carrie Bradshaw moment.

Even if you’re not a fan of the name necklace, there are still plenty of options to showcase your name. Lauren Conrad (from “The Hills”) let her fingers make a statement when she rocked her famous two finger name ring.

Rihanna walks around with her nickname, RiRi, on her door knocker earrings, and has even been spotted wearing a necklace with her name in Hebrew.

Golden Name Necklace RihannaTwo Finger Name Ring Fergie

In the name of

How about wearing something that is a bit less “loud” than a name and doesn’t feel like a glorified name tag? Lots of celebrities have recently been spotted wearing various forms of personalized jewelry featuring their loved ones names.Jessica Biel, Selena Gomez, and Jennifer Aniston have been seen wearing jewelry with the name of their significant others. Kim Kardashian was seen wearing earrings with K & W to honor her beau and upcoming baby daddy Kanye West. This is definitely much easier than tattooing their significant others names, especially since these couples usually break up. Ask Johnny Depp. Moms like Nichole Richie, Heidi Klum, and Christina Applegate have been advocating wearing their children’s names or initials on their necklaces.

Name Stud Earrings Kim Kardashian Engraved Side Cross Necklace Lucy Hale Name Necklace Christina Applegate Engraved Disc Necklace Kourtney Kardashian

So very special

Silver Mother’s Necklace with Children Charms If you don’t want your whole name showcased, why not play around with your initials and create a monogram necklace? Why not just a single initial, or even your kids or partners names? There’s no question about it – the attraction of name jewelry is hard to deny. It’s definitely connected to the fact that our name is something very personal, and in reality was probably the first thing ever bestowed upon us by our parents. Most of us love our names, and in a world where everyone wears the same sneakers, jeans, and other clothes, jewelry with your name feels truly unique! So even if there are many other “Anne’s,” “Michelle’s,” and “Sarah’s” out there, it helps feed the fantasy that our name is only ours.

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